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Zakir Naik seeks Malaysian citizenship

The controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik is seeking Malaysian citizenship and it is believed India is using all its diplomatic channels to pressure other countries not to give him the citizenship. Zakir Naik is wanted in India for his alleged involvement in money laundering and terror related charges.

Naik was given permanent residency status by the Malaysian government five years ago but this was only revealed recently after activists pressured the government but has not given the permanent citizenship as it is aware of the charges against him.

Naik has been changing his base regularly after India contacted InterPol to issue a Red Corner notice. He is believed to be shuttling between United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia,African and Southeast Asian countries. Naik fled India in July 2016 as soon as the investigation was initiated against him based on the statement given by terrorists who attacked a cafe in Bangladesh killing some 22 most of them are foreigners.

These terrorists claimed that their attacks were inspired on the speech by Zakir Naik. He is also suspected to be funding terror activities and also involved in money laundering apart from delivering provocative speech.

The NGO Islamic Research Foundation which was run by Naik has been shut down by the InterPol and so as his Peace TV that been taken off the air by both India and Bangladesh.

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