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Zakir Naik’s passport revoked by Mumbai passport office

Controversial Islamic preacher and declared fugitive Zakir Naik has had his passport revoked today by the Regional Passport Office in Mumbai. The action was taken, as Naik has failed to appear before the National Investigation Agency (NIA) despite several reminders. He is wanted for questioning by security agencies for his involvement in terror-funding cases. Earlier, a notice was sent to Naik, asking him why his passport should not be revoked. However, Naik failed to respond to this notice as well, due to which his passport has been revoked. The request to revoke Naik’s passport was made by the NIA, which is investigating the cases of terror-funding and money laundering against Naik.

It may be recalled that Naik’s organization, Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) has already been banned and declared unlawful by the government. Investigations have revealed that Naik used to make provocative speeches to incite communal tension. He also has links with terror organizations and has laundered several crores of rupees illegally. Naik had fled from India in 2016, after Bangladeshi terrorists said that they were motivated by Naik’s speeches on waging jihad.

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