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Sunday , 20 January 2019
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Zendesk Users: Never Wonder If Your Customer Opened Your Email Again!

My Read Receipts today announced an app that extends Zendesk, Inc.’s leading cloud-based customer service platform. My Read Receipts creates a ‘read receipt’ in the form of a private comment update that informs the agent or viewer of the ticket that the email has been opened.  

My Read Receipts spokesperson Robert Weir says, “Knowing when to follow up with a customer is paramount whether e-commerce, sales or support. It allows every team member to be more efficient by knowing when to follow up with a customer and not let any customer request fall through the cracks. A happy customer raves about your company which leads to increased customer retention and sales.”

Whether it is sales, customer service or technical support, knowing when to follow up with a customer is of paramount importance. If your agent knows that your sales prospect is looking for competing bids and has not responded to your email wouldn’t you like your agent know if the sales prospected even opened your email? If you have an angry customer who needed technical support or wanted to chargeback merchandise and you never heard back wouldn’t you like to know if your customer opened your email?

Zendesk users and agents now have the ability to know when a customer opened an email which allows salespeople, customer service & support agents to close more sales, increase customer loyalty and manage their time more effectively by knowing exactly when to follow up with a customer.

Free trials and enterprise pricing are available. Please contact us at My Read Receipts for more information.

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