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ZLP Series Suspended Platform Supplier Company in Delhi

ZLP series suspended platform are mainly used for exterior construction, decoration and fitting our works of multi story buildings such as the following high rise elevator, cableway installation, granary, colliery, security inspection, tower hoist driver’s lift, large tank, chimney, boiler maintenance, dam and bridge maintenance. The length can be up to 30 meters. Suspended platform is also applicable to exterior wall decoration, plastering, building insulation, coating, marble tile installation, glass curtain wall installation and cleaning.

Rope Suspended Platform

The suspended platform can be instead of scaffolding, which will greatly reduce the cost, and with higher efficiency.

The operation is simple and flexible, easy to transfer, easy to use, safe and reliable etc. SONA Construction Technologies Pvt Ltd is the big supplier of suspended platform all model (L Profile, single and double hoisters) in all over India.

Product Introduction

ZLP Series suspended platform can be divided into three kind of specification ZLP500, ZLP630, and ZLP800. The main components include platform, hoist mechanism, safety lock, suspension mechanism and electrical control system.

         Platform:  Platform is jo8int with 1m, 1.5m, 2.5m, 5.0m and 7.5m can be assembling according to the needs. There are hoist mounting deck, high balustrade and low balustrade at two ends, and hoist and safety lock are in mounting deck.

        Hoist Mechanism: hoist is the motor of suspended platform, adopting climing principle. Without wrapping up the wire rope, there is no limit on the height of climbing in theory.

         Safety lock:  Safety lock is the protection equipment; two safety ropes are set independently. The suspended platform is set with safety locks. When the platform goes acclivitous, the hoist system gets major faults or ropes are broken off and falling, the safety locks will lock the wire ropes to ensure the safety of the operator and the machine.

          Suspension Mechanism: Suspension mechanism is on the top to the building through the steel rope to suspended platform. Expansion bracket is fixed inside front and back support, and front and back beam is inside expansion bracket.

         Electrical Control System: Electrical Control system is used to control the movement of platforms and the main elements are fixed in insulated board, while multi switch, power indicator, start button and the emergency stop button are in the door board of the box.

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