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10 at-home-laundry mistakes to avoid

Doing a household chore since a long time does not necessarily mean that we have been doing it right. Many a times, we get to know about certain basic things after decades of doing it the wrong way! In this article, we are going to share some laundry-related mistakes that we might be committing due to lack of knowledge:

  1. Overusing bleach:

Many us are of the mindset that the more we use bleach, whiter will be our clothes. But one should always know that it is a very harsh chemical and spoils the clothes in the long run. Hence it should only be used when it is an absolute requirement, and not for any faint stain

  1. Washing shirts with all buttons closed:

Many of us button up the shirts while washing them. But the fact is that if we do so, the buttons are stretched a lot making the loops wider and the button’s stitching loose. So always unbutton the shirts while washing

  1. Rubbing stains harshly:

Whenever dealing with stains, never go too harsh on them in terms of rubbing, as it might just make it worse by making it bigger. Use the correct cleaning agent and leave it soaked for some time. Then rinse it off gently with light hand motion

  1. Using too much detergent:

Many of us must be aware of it also, but it can never be stressed enough. Detergent should be used adequately in order to retain the freshness and colour in our clothes. Too much use of detergent makes it dull.

  1. The ’bleed’ test:

Before putting different colour clothes together in the washing machine, always do a bleed test. Soak a portion of the coloured clothes and then dab it on a white cloth. If it does leave a mark/stain, wash it separately.

  1. Zipping up the jeans/trousers while washing:

If you put unzipped lowers in the washing machine, the open zippers might just harms the softer clothes that are being washed along with it or even leave scratch marks on the inside of the washing machine

  1. Regular cleanup: One should always clean up the washing machine at least once in a week by cleaning the lint filter and others parts of it.
  1. Avoiding dryer whenever possible: Always see if you have time to air dry the clothes. This way you will not just save electricity by not using the dryer, but it also gets the required rest
  1. The blunder of putting detergent directly on clothes: Always dilute the detergent with water and then pour it in. Otherwise, the detergent leaves a mark on the clothes and it becomes hard to clean it later
  1. Put socks separately: Put small garments like socks and handkerchief in a small pouch so that they don’t get lost in the huge pile of clothes.


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