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10 beauty herbal and ayurvedic tips for glowing skin

glowing skin

  1. Use milk cream on face in early morning in winter. Apply cream on complete face, neck and hands. It will make your skin soft, nourishing, glowing. And wash off the body with soap while bathing.
  2. Use once in a month bleach cream to remove the dead cells of body.
  3. Use weekly herbal face pack to rejuvenate your skin with all natural minerals.
  4. Drink 5-6 litres water daily.
  5. Eat apple daily in the morning.
  6. Apply alovera juice on face to remove bad elements from your skin.
  7. Before going to bed , massage your face with rose water. It will give very good result so early.
  8. Use raw milk with some salt and lime and apply on face. It is one of best herbal and ayurvedic treatment for glowing skin.
  9. Use mixture of besan and curd with some turmeric while bathing. Even you can use this mixture instead of soap on face. Within week, you will notice the effect.
  10. Mix small quantity of honey with cream and apply on face daily. It helps in reducing generic pimples and make your skin glowing.

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