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10 Best Theme Parks of Dubai

Dubai, as they say, is the land of dreams. A place where dreams come true. And it is a fact, from impossibly tall skyscrapers to its scenic beauty, from beautiful gardens and mosques to its beautiful deserts- Dubai is proclaimed as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Hence, as expected, there are a number of awe-inspiring tourist attractions, especially Theme parks in Dubai as well. In this article, we will take a look at ten such famous Theme parks in Dubai

Bollywood Parks Dubai

We are kicking off the list with some familiarity- who doesn’t love Bollywood? Okay, there might be a handful of them, but hey, Bollywood means so many things to us, right? It is almost synonymous with action-packed, thrilling movies with a slew of amazing song and dance numbers. There are also regular doses of romance and comedy mixed in. So spread over 1.7 million sq. feet, this theme park has five distinct zones- Rustic Ravines (Rural India), Mumbai Chowk (a recreation of Mumbai), Bollywood Boulevard (wide roads with Bollywood influences), Royal Plaza (a recreation of Princely India) and Bollywood film studio featuring the famous ‘Wall of Heroes.’ There are a wide number of games as well, where you can be the one hunting down Gabbar Singh or lose yourself in the Rajmahal Theatre.

Legoland Dubai

Legoland Dubai is a beautiful theme park that is as exciting as it sounds. As the name suggests, it has been designed with the Lego theme in mind, and it is just irresistible for Lego fans. This park is aimed towards 2-12-year-old kids (and their families, of course!). There is a City Airport where young kids can fly their Duplo-inspired planes. There is a Driving school which teaches kids about the basic traffic rules and gives them the feel of driving an actual car. They also give your young one their own Legoland driving license, isn’t that cool? There are also Factory tours, Submarine adventures, and other amazing goodies packed into a fun-filled adventure.

Motiongate Dubai

Three of Hollywood’s biggest studios – Dreamworks Animation, Columbia Pictures, and Lionsgate, have joined hands to build this potboiler of an amusement park in Dubai, the land of dreams. There are just endless places and titbits that you can explore in this huge area. There’s the Columbia Pictures set, which offers a wide range of gaming experiences like Hotel Transylvania, Ghostbusters- a battle for New York, among others. You can get the discount entrance ticket for Motiongate theme park.  Then there is a dedicated Smurfs village which offers a tour of the Smurfs factory and the Smurfs studio.

Ski Dubai Snow Park

What makes the Ski Dubai snow park extraordinary is that it is a snow park right in the middle of the Arabia desert which itself is an incredible feat. There is a wide range of exciting snow games such as Mountain Thriller and Snow Bullet rides available for guests. Snow skiing coaching is also available within premises, taught by top instructors, and when tired, you can feast on two aptly named twin cafes- Avalanche cafe and Ice cafe.

Ferrari World Theme Park

The Ferrari World theme park, as the name suggests, is one of the biggest and the most well-awarded theme parks in Dubai. One of its kind, it is the first Ferrari-branded theme park. It has received awards like ‘Middle East’s Leading Theme Park’ multiple times, and rightfully so. Among other attractions from within its huge lineup, the most interesting is the Formula Rossa, which also happens to be the world’s fastest rollercoaster. It goes from 0 to an eye-watering 240 kmph in less than 5 seconds. Do visit for a fun-filled bonanza.

Miracle Garden

The Miracle Garden is among the largest flower parks in the world, boasting about 150 million flowers of the brightest and the most colorful of them that make up this garden. It also has one of the largest flower sculptures in the world, a model of the Airbus A380. There are also other beautiful attractions, such as the Floral Castle, which is an 18-feet tall Mickey Mouse made out of 100,000 flowers. Other notable attractions include the Lake park, the Hill Top, Umbrella Passage (which provides shade to all the guests and flowers down below), and others. The Hearts Passage is also a special attraction, as it is a walkway through a number of heart-shaped flower arches.

Aquaventure Water Park

Popular as Dubai’s best water park, it offers more than 30 exciting water rides that can each prove to be once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. It has the usual inner tube slides but flows through Dubai’s longest Rapid River through wild rapids and for the more relaxing type- a 500-meter long private beach. But for the more adventurous ones, there is the record-breaking Leap of Faith, in which one would tumble from a height of 9 stories through a lagoon.

VR Park Dubai

The VR park in Dubai is a surreal experience irrespective of they being used to VR or not. Stepping inside the VR park feels like an out-worldly, para-dimensional experience of virtual and augmented reality. It makes one question their concept of reality, and the virtual and is built with the goal of challenging what’s real and what seems real.

Warner Bros Abu Dhabi

The Warner Bros Abu Dhabi is UAE’s newly launched Indoor theme park in association with Warner Bros, with 29 scintillating rides. Spread across upwards of 1.65 million sq. meters on Abu Dhabi’s Yas Island, it is the epitome of Dubai’s beauty. The rides and attractions are inspired by some of the most popular cartoon characters and superheroes from the house of Warner Bros, with Gotham City and Metropolis being the most attractive ones.

Wadi Wadi Waterpark Dubai

A thrilling and exciting extravaganza, the Wadi Wadi Waterpark in Dubai is also one of the most sought-after waterparks, and it is one of the most visited waterparks in Dubai as well. Conveniently placed right next to the iconic Burj Al Arab, it is a sight to behold. Its theme was inspired by the concept of interesting Arabian folktales whose central characters were Sinbad and Juha. There are 30+ exciting rides to try out here, including the 32-meter tall Jumeriah Sceirah, which is the tallest and fastest slide in the Middle East.

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