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10 Creative Office Interior Ideas to implement in your New Office Space:

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The office is just not a place where we spend half of our lives but also it is the face of a brand. Creating a new office space is too exciting yet confusing. Many professionals, designers and other people will stuff your heads with creative ideas that can make your new office super cool.

At the end of the day, it is your call to select what is best for your office design. If you are still not able to find this answer then, we are here to assist you. One thing is sure that your office space should look creative enough to allure the employees to stay there forever!

Let’s move towards the super innovative ideas that can totally change the looks of your office:

  1. Cork Board Walls:

You can make the office open for endless possibilities by going with corkboard walls. Not all but, some of the walls can be covered with cork boards so that employees can decorate them as per their choice. They can pin their family photos, notes, drawings, quotes or whatever they like to see on these special walls. You can dedicate one wall to each employee if the office space is big enough otherwise; some employees can share a single wall. Make the walls stylish by colouring them as per office interiors.

  1. Transparent Walls:

Transparency is an important aspect of any business. Just like that, you can go with transparent walls for cabins or conference rooms in your office. They will look super creative with proper lighting and prints. Choose transparent walls over opaque walls to attain that peculiar look for your office. You can opt for the coloured glasses according to your brand colours as well. It will also help in keeping a quick check on everyone’s activity in the office.

  1. Quick Changing Clipboards:

You must have carried clipboards in exam rooms or office meetings. What about decorating your walls with them? The best part is that employees can clip anything in them. Be it an inspirational image, a team outing photograph or an important meeting schedule. These useful boards can make your office interiors distinct and amazing. One can easily purchase these boards in affordable prices from stationery stores. Try out colourful boards to make the interiors more attractive.

  1. Hanging Chairs:

If you want to transform your office in a unique way then, start thinking beyond regular office furniture. Add some swinging egg chairs where people can relax and chill in between the work. They can also work from here with their portable devices. Office workstation manufacturers can help you in supplying these chairs and other office furniture. You can also add a few swings at the reception area.

  1. Memory Foam Cushions:

Say goodbye to heavy big tables and replace them with memory foam cushions in cabins. Modern-day workspaces have wooden pallets against the walls with a series of memory foam cushions. The staff can work more comfortably on these rather than traditional workstation setting. You can add these cushions only in relaxing areas and other spaces if you still want to go with tables and chairs.

  1. Cubicles on Wheels:

Do you also believe in free-will rather than bondage? If yes, then cubicles with wheels should be there in your workspace. Employees no longer have to deal with the boredom of sitting on the same place in a small cubicle all day. These cubicles will give them an opportunity to work alone or gather with team members for discussion without any hassle. Isn’t it fun to move around from one corner to another in a moving cubicle? We know you like it; so contact office workstation manufacturers for buying unique furniture.

  1. Huge Brainstorming Rolls:

We know how much irritating it is when your notepad ends while a brainstorming session or meeting. Well, replace them with big brainstorming rolls on which the entire team can write at once. Reserve a small place of the conference room for this roll, and you can get it from the huge Kraft paper roll from the market. You won’t find this creative way of noting down things in many offices as this is one of the latest ideas!

  1. 3D Paintings on the Floor:

Forget about the boring wooden floors or the same white tiles and go for 3D paintings. These paintings can even infuse life into the most boring room of your workspace! Imagine walking into the reception that has a beach 3D design. Yes, even the thoughts of it are refreshing! Try to opt for natural 3D arts like grass, beaches or other sceneries. Choose abstract designs if your office is classy rather than funky.

  1. Chilling Area:

Have you made the list of all important rooms to be added in the office layout? Well, add one more special room in it; that is the chilling area. Your employees need a break not just from work but, sometimes from the boring surroundings. Obviously, they can’t go to some chilling place or café while working. Still, you could arrange a chilling room for them. Add a mini golf course area, café tables and some other games which can help in refreshing the mood. They can also increase mutual coordination by spending some time in this area.

  1. Open Space:

Spending the entire day indoors can hamper our productivity. There should be an open space like a terrace, courtyard or big gallery with sitting arrangement and other necessities to work in your office. No matter how small it is, it will surely make a positive impact on the team. Decorate it with some natural elements like plants, saplings and flower beds. It should be accessible to employees all the time so that they can freely get fresh air anytime.

Hence, it’s time to set the plan in motion. Shortlist the ideas which you like the most and create the best office ever! After all, it’s your one and only workspace.

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