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10 Expert Tips When Moving To New Apartment With Kids

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Moving is already a big thing and if it has this twist of your kids in the process* than you are going to need a separate set of rules and suggestions. You are the right person to understand the feelings and behaviors of your kids and the better way to keep them calm will also be your decision.  Why is moving tougher for kids? Their minds are not developed enough to understand that all the things, places, and people are going to change just because their parents need to live somewhere else now. The time in that specific apartment living with family, having friends in the neighbors, knowing the route to school by heart now, all that going away can be emotionally difficult for kids more than for adults.  Here are some experiences you may have and a few ideas to deal with them:

  1. Talk to the kids and gain their confidence

If you think that they are not wise enough to understand the process of this change, you may be mistaken because a 3-year-old also needs some kind of counseling and preparation before taking such a huge step. The moving if comes as a surprise may cause emotional problems. The age of your child is less than 3 means there will be problems for kids to settle in but you cannot prep them much because they cannot grab most of the talk. You can also use symbolic play to make this thought of moving tips familiar for them, then gradually slide in the idea that you may have to go somewhere else. In this manner, you are going to have more compliant and happy kids helping you while settling in the new apartment.

  1. Packing the stuff in the absence of kids

If you are thinking of packing away the toys for very little kids like 2-3 years of age, do it when they are asleep or are busy somewhere else. The will not understand that why are you boxing all the toys and will get upset. After you are done the packing, tell them that you have put the toys away for washing and cleaning and they will get them back soon. A most essential step is to leave out one or two very favorite toys out so that the kids can keep themselves engaged and happy with them. Older kids will understand if you guide them and show them the packed boxes. You can give them some coloring or painting stuff to stay busy.

  1. Engage the kids with you for easy tasks

You can excite the kids with the apartment lawn careand Ideal Landscape at your new place. Let them help with easy and little tasks such as painting the pots, and setting up their own play area again. It doesn’t matter how well they do it as far as they are happy and interested in the new apartment. You can also have them unpack their personal stuff and hang the clothes; children love to be treated like responsible adults. They will feel connected with the new environment if you engage them in setting up.

  1. Don’t leave the mess around and let eager people help

Keeping the space organized and clean can help kids calm down. Various studies have suggested that a scattered place will make children restless and hyperactive. If your friends and family are offering to help with the kids, do not refuse the people you trust. Let them engage the kids in some activity that could release their emotional energy and also give you some time to clear out the clutter.

  1. Color coding can be a lifesaver

 Use a colorful tape to assign every box a code according to the family members. For instance, mark your stuff with green tape and your husband’s boxes with red tape. Choose one color for each family member and this is going to get you immense relief. Unpacking will become amazingly convenient.

  1. Initiate the process in time

 Do not waste a lot of time just planning things, get the plan working in time and you will be calm towards the end. Procrastinating can be very stressful for the whole family because a pile-up of tasks will keep haunting you.

  1. Giveaway their stuff when they are not around 

You can donate some of the toys if the kids do not play with them anymore, they have outgrown them, or are not quite functional now. This will help you feel better internally and also reduce the huge boxes only assigned for toys. Children will never agree to give away the stuff if you do it in front of them.

  1. Pack the personal stuff separately

It is the major component of apartment landscaping that you install something fun for the kids as well. Add a sand play area because that helps reduce hyperactivity and stress. While packing, keep the thing you will need instantly in the new apartment at easy access. This can help in keeping kids relaxed and at home. Pack some toys in that bag too!

  1. Keep counseling the kids regarding this change

 You can even set aside time for sitting down with kids and talk to them about the stressors. They will feel great to know that you understand how they feel and even are in the same process as well. Communication is an important part of family life.

  1. Departing properly from the old apartment

 This may sound quite weird at first but saying goodbye to the place you lived and cherished so many memories is required. This can provide all of the family with closure. The kids may say it’s silly but ask them to go and say goodbye to their rooms, this will help them move on to the new life. If you feel like going a step ahead in this idea, ask the kids to write a letter to the old apartment and express their feelings.

All these tips are great for dealing with psychological problems kids may have while moving to a new apartment and also to reduce your stressors.


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