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10 Highly Effective Solutions for Adult Acne

acne solution adult

Do you know how to take care of skin? To be honest, most of us do not know the right way to keep our skin safe from different harms. Acne can be avoided by taking the required skin care. The change in hormonal level is a main cause of acne during the teenage. The chances of experiencing acne are high during teenage and the risk decreases with the passage of time. The point is; all of us should take keep the skin clean to remove bacteria, dirt, dead skin cells, and excess oils. On the other hand, doing the following will also help:

Reduce Eating Refined Carbohydrates

It is not that taking chocolate and fast food causes acne: the point is; not having a balanced diet can cause acne. Different research studies have highlighted that having a low-glycemic index (GI) diet can prevent acne. This means eating a balanced diet but the intake of refined carbohydrates should be reduced. Actually, the refined carbohydrates often raise insulin levels thereby triggering hormonal levels. As a result, the person can have an increased oil production and inflammation.

Cut Back the Intake of Dairy Items

A series of research studies highlight the tendency of dairy products for causing acne. To be specific, fat-free milk is riskier than the whole milk because it is has a higher level of sugar. It is alright to have some amount of milk on a regular basis. Mean to say; drinking more than one glass of milk carries more risk. Consult your nutritionist and ask for the right type of milk and the right amount you should drink.

Give Blue Light Therapy a Chance

There are different ways to kill the bacteria that reside in the skin follicles. The invasive and minimally-invasive methods cause different side effects. The blue light therapy penetrates the follicles to kill bacteria that causes acne. At the same time, it makes sure the skin does not get harmed. Do not worry about the temporary redness; the skin will be alright after some time.

Check if Using Aldactone is Good

Aldactone has long been used as a medicine to deal with high blood pressure. It is now becoming famous for its great benefits for acne caused due to the hormonal change. This tablet is orally taken and it blocks hormone androgen receptors which help in limiting the testosterone surge (that can cause pimples).

Pick Up Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is chemically related to benzoyl peroxide but comparatively less irritating. It is known for its great benefits against the acne outbreak. The tea tree is native to Australia and this oil is extracted from the leaves of the tea tree. This oil has antiseptic properties and if used topically, helps kill the bacteria that causes acne. Moreover, tea tree oil also reduces or eliminates inflammation in the skin cells. Researchers explain how it can be used against a variety of organisms that can cause acne. The skin care products that contain about 5% concentration of treat tree oil can be more effective for the skin.

Reduce the Usage of Salts

The salts may not be able to cause acne but they can worsen acne breakouts. This includes our table salt and salts found in some seafood. If your skin is sensitive, you should be more careful about salt usage. Reducing the use of daily salt intake can prevent many health concerns. If you purchase packaged food, you should keep your overall salt consumption below 1,500 mg per day. On the contrary, some types of salt should be avoided completely.

Manage Stress: Yes, it Matters

The skin care experts state that stress does not cause a skin problem directly. It has a tendency to worsen an existing skin condition. Some mind and skin scientists have explained how it can exacerbate an existing skin issue. They have found that cortisol (a stress hormone) can stimulate oil glands and increase inflammation levels.

Topical Antibacterials and Retinoids

The people suffering from moderate or mild acne can get some help from a prescription topical antimicrobial (e.g. clindamycin or erythromycin) in combination with cleansers having bacteria-killing benzoyl peroxide. The prescription retinoids (e.g. Retin-A or Tazorac) can also help with a major acne condition. One can get even better results by combining retinoids with antibacterials.

Consider Birth Control Pills

The oral contraceptives have different side effects but they can help normalize the hormonal imbalance. It is good to only use the contraceptive medicine prescribed by the FDA to be on the safe side.

Consider Using Salicylic Acid

If you are into over-the-counter products, you must give salicylic acid a try. You can buy it in sprays, gels, wipes, and creams form. This acid has the ability to unplug pores and reduce swelling.

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