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10 side dishes to serve with hot dogs

In a world of today, we are blessed with different kinds of foods around us, and with each passing day, we get to see new recipes being introduced to us. Those recipes are to fall for. People who are best at cooking are investing their time to invent recipes that everyone likes. Everyone has a list of their favorite foods and this list keeps on changing with time. Among all the favorite foods of people that fall in this list, there is a food that I am sure must be there in everyone’s favorite foods list and that food is a hot dog.

People get insane when it comes to hot dogs especially in a country like the USA. Hot dog burgers come in many flavors and each of the flavors is unique and has a separate fan base. Many ventures like hot dog cart and restaurants have been opened and you will see a massive crowd there waiting for their turn to get their hands on their hot dog. People prefer to have hot dogs with their choice of sides. Most of the time you will see people preferring fries over other sides. We are here to tell you the best side dishes you can go for a hot dog. Read about them below.

Sweet potato Chips 

They are always the best side dish to go for every food, and we have seen several people preferring it as a side dish compared to the other ones. Sweet potato chips can easily be prepared in very little time and can be served with hot dogs.

Deep-fried Dill Pickles:

This side dish has proved to be a game-changer. Once people start having dill pickles as a side dish with hot dogs then I am sure there is no going back from them to fries that are chosen every time. Dill pickles are very crispy and juicy. The batter-coated on it makes it very crispy, and then they become juicy when they are deep-fried.

Three Bean Salad:

Salads like classic Greek salad, three bean salad and many more are known to be everyone’s favorite, but who knows that it can be the best side dish to be served with hot dogs? Three bean salad is made mainly with three kinds of beans and some veggies making it the perfect food to incorporate veggies in your diet. This side dish should be served with Chipotle chilly dogs.

Hawaiian Twist Coleslaw:

Want to serve something cool and refreshing to your guests on a hot summer day? This coleslaw can be the best food to serve and especially if it is served as a side with the hot dog. The green and orange color of this coleslaw gives a vibrant and good look with its palatable taste. Add pineapple tidbits to give it a Hawaiian twist.

Corn Bread:

Do you want to go towards a sweet and savory option? Then cornbread is the perfect food to be served with a hot dog. Cornbread makes a perfect pair with a hot dog as it complements the tenderness of hot dogs perfectly. Spices and jalapenos can be added to make it spicy.

Mac and cheese:

Who doesn’t love cheese? I guess each one of us is a cheese lover and for us, mac and cheese can be a very good option to have with a hot dog. Mac and cheese are loved by people of every age as it is a comfort food. Serve it with a hot dog and see people falling in love with this combo.

Macaroni salad:

Want to have something creamy with a hot dog? Then macaroni salad is the best option. This salad is made mainly with cream and mayonnaise giving it an incredibly creamy taste. Serve this salad chilled with a sizzling hot dog burger.

Zucchini sticks:

This is an option that is a very underrated one. Zucchini sticks are less preferred by people but I must tell that anyone who has it once completely falls for the taste. These sticks are over fried to make it extra crispy. Serve these crispy sticks with any sauce of your choice with a hot dog burger.

Grilled and spicy watermelon:

We have always had watermelons to get a sweet taste. But have you ever had spicy watermelons? If not then try grilled and spicy watermelon that is coated with a lot of spices and garnished with cheese. Try these with a hot dog burger to enjoy your meal in the right way.

Pickled Okra:

Just like dill pickles, pickled okra is also a kind of food to be served with a hot dog. Choose a smaller pod of okra. After that, pickle the okra through pickling and fry it. Serve pickled okra with hot dogs and enjoy the sizzling taste.

We have given you all the best side dish options. Now the choice is yours, and I am sure it will be very difficult for you to choose any one of them as every side dish goes perfect with a hot dog.


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