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10 Small But Important Things To Observe In 2d Animation

Tired of the typical animation you usually create? Want to make a difference and glorify your art? You are in the right place then as we have created a list of 10 small but important things to observe in 2D animation. Before taking a step ahead, if you are a beginner and want to create impactful and engaging content; you should learn the basics first so let’s talk about 2D animation for a bit. 

2D animation.

2D animation is one of the most commonly used type of animation. Regardless of its massive fan base, 2D animation is in a league of its own as it is used in creating all sort of animated content. From animated movies and cartoons to corporate presentations, it is all thanks to 2D animations. Considering how 2D animation is rising to the top of the charts these days, more and more businesses are recognizing this trend and taking advantage of it. Since 2D animated videos are best known for being adorable, Businesses are now opting for 2D animated videos for their brand promotion which eventually leads to a larger customer base. Some companies hire an animation company whilst some try to create it themselves. 2D animated characters are basically created in a 2-dimensional space. Which means that these characters only have height and width. 2D animation is considered a traditional style of animation, it dates back to the 1800s. In its early stages, animation was quite messy as computers did not exist back then. But now, in the 21st century; computer technology is now stronger than ever. From aligning several images together and pulling the strings of each image to create an animation like effect to creating an animated video with the help of good internet and a stable browser. Yes! it is that easy. Anyways, as mentioned above, the following is a list of 10 small but important things to observe in 2D animations.

Regardless of the animation style, whether it is 2D or 3D or even whiteboard animation, the purpose of <a href=”” rel=”ugc”>animated explainer videos</a> is to make it attractive and realistic. That being said, the number 1 on our list is squash and stretch.


  • Squash and stretch.


The first thing to observe is the movement of the characters. To make them realistic, it is imperative to visualize and draw the characters with suitable weight and volume as they move. The most common mistake people make is unnecessary transitions which makes the final outcome quite versatile and it leads to the audience losing interest. 


  • Anticipation.


Is your video suspenseful? Does your audience feel like something big is about to go down? The climax of your video or movie should be spot on because your main aim is to obviously get more and more audience. Instead of getting up and leave, your viewers should be adamant on finishing the entire thing.


  • Staging.


This is probably the most important thing to observe in an animated movie. Staging basically means to suitably express the intention of your characters throughout the entire video/movie. In a nutshell, staging means to take the best shot at delivering what the audience desires.


  • Follow through and overlapping action.


Analyse the movement of your characters as some parts move faster than the other and when the character takes a break, some parts of its body still keep on moving.


  • Ease in.


Draw more and more frames at the beginning and the end of every scene. This pragmatic approach really helps in giving your video a realistic look.


  • Arcs.


Take a deep grasp at your characters whether they have depth in their circular motion. If not, then try to add circular motions to every actions performed by your characters.


  • Secondary actions.


To add more liveliness to the scenes, add secondary actions as they emphasize more on the primary actions and adds depth to it.


  • Timing.


This is very basic. Be aware of the timings, it is all up to you to determine and adjust which scene should be faster and which scene should be slower.


  • Exaggeration.


To emphasize some points and ideas, try to exaggerate the movements


  • Solid drawing and final appeal.


As mentioned above, 2D animated characters are created in 2-dimensional space and considering this fact, it is vital to make your characters look thick; as if their forms have some weight. Once your drawing is perfected, make sure to create your characters attractive as the audience will enjoy watching them till the end.

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