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10 thing to do before summer fun time begins

what to do in summers

Summer is coming very soon and we all have our new list. It is all about having a summer fun time during the long vacation. Those long and lazy days without going to school or study are great. Holiday activities will start and you would never be bored. Summer means swimming in the pool and getting a nice time with friends in one camp. Also, attending festivals, parties or music concerts are very amusing.

If you have enough money, you can travel abroad to see the world. Some foreigner friends from social media can help you visit their countries. Go and make new friends with wonderful memories. If you didn’t save some money, try to go to the countryside or the beach to revel the fresh air and the beauty of the sea.

There are many and many activities you can do in the summer vacation. But first get your notebook to write 10 important things you should do before summer fun time begins.

Preparations for summer fun time

  • Spring cleaning

Some people hate cleaning but it is a must. Summer means trips and friends visits, so your room and car should be clean. Remove all food remains and soda containers. Return plates and empty cups to the kitchen, their original place. Clothes, books and other stuff to their sites also. Use the vacuum to remove dust and other wastes from the room and the car. Now you are ready to go for a long vacation or to receive visitors. 

  • Save money

Holidays need expenses to complete our happiness. Save some of your pocket money to enjoy your summer trip. Also, you will have to buy some required stuffs like sunglasses or a swimming suit. Try to work more or to keep some money for a better summer fun time.

  • Go shopping

No doubt, you would need some new summer gowns. Hot shorts, mini-skirts or a new sexy bikini, all are lovely pieces for a nice holiday.

  • Ask work for a holiday

Don’t put any plans before asking your work manager for time off. Tell them about your vacation early to be sure that everything is ok and there is no problems.

  • Lose a few pounds

This is the most important step. In winter we don’t stop eating to get warm and here is the disaster. Summer and its hot uncovered outfits needs a slim healthy body. Get in shape and start a sport program like running, walking and some home exercises. 

  • Create  a new reading list

In order not to get bored, prepare a reading list. Spending time reading books is very useful and very enjoyable.

  • Make an enjoyable summer list

Make a complete plan for your vacation to avoid wasting time. Write everything about the upcoming trips. Put common projects with your best friends to be ready for a great summer fun time.

  • Prepare your camera

No vacation can be without a good camera. Prepare your camera and check if it is still working well. If you don’t already have one, buy or borrow one to document every single funny moment with your family or friends.

  • Fix your needed home appliances

Usually summer is very hot, so be sure that your air A/C works well to avoid being in bad mood because of the bad weather. Also TV is important so check if it is good and fixed.

  • New look

New hair color and pedicure will give you the best summer look.

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