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10 tips to boost sales through your packaging design

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Remember the days when the packaging of a product was only meant to protect and contain the products? Surely you don’t! Because that would mean you are more than 200 years old. Since as long as trading exists in the world, people have wanted to contain their products in packaging design that appeals to the customers. Packaging design is the interaction point of the customers with the brand and has both psychological and physical impact on their minds.

The packaging is what identifies the product with its quality, belief, standards, and reassurances needed. And so it needs to be attractive, informative and all kinds of creative to make an instant impact of purchase into the minds of the customers! Getting this right is important. And so here are 10 tips to boost sales through packaging design.

  1. Start Early

The packaging design should be considered right from the product development process. Put together the visuals of the product, its packaging style and appeal to the customers to come up with something that matches what customers need. This helps imagine the product market, its targeted customers and also attends to the important fact of how product shall launch in the market.

  1. Keep a simple style!

When it comes to product packaging designs, less is more! With all the mandatory details and depicting required, the product packaging needs to be informative and talking about the product. But in this attempt choose to keep the whole style simple.

The packaging style, colors, representation, packaging ease, transportation, etc should all be kept in mind. Sometimes even the best of products don’t generate sale because of over-designing. Simple and gracious designs stay with the customers as no-fuss products and appeal the most.

  1. Keep it practical yet creative

Functionality is the key aspect to be covered when designing a package. It should come as a usable and great looking packaging that extends comfort to the users to use the products. At the same time, the packaging should also hold creativity to break through regular designs.

Come up with something that entails a thought that efforts have been made to keep the product good while bringing extended use of the product. For example, a shampoo bottle is often designed as a pump which leaves a residue, choose something that makes it more usable and leaves no residue in the bottle when used.

  1. Lay emphasis on design elements

From the colors you choose to the typography, graphics, and package – each element is crucial to bring up a design together. Focus on seamless alignment between all of them that also speaks about the brand’s belief in the product.

The attention-grabbing text should be accompanied by a good visual representation of key ingredients, ideas of use and benefits. As the space on the product to depict all of these is limited, consider elements to add on to all information that should be shared with added tags, pamphlets and more. A product that shares complete information with great visual representation and unique style works a miracle for generating a sale.

  1. Go Green!

More and more people are becoming environmentally conscious. A product that benefits the customers and the environment at the same time can be a great way to gain more impact. Bio-degradable, reusable, and eco-friendly package designs promote healthier living, the elevation of toxic elements and better use. While there are some standards to be met for product packaging, the designs can easily align with the green initiative. And if recent trends are to be followed removing plastic packaging or going for recycling options can be a great appeal. When a business practices responsibility towards the environment, more customers connect to the brand. Needless to say, it has a good impact on sales.

  1. Consider “What catches customer attention!”

All of the efforts are guided towards making the customers happy. And so considering their opinions and recommendations when creating packaging for the product can never go wrong!

From single-use packaging, large packaging, to usability and storage in the house – customers enlighten what factors they would consider when picking a product. The more it suits their needs, the more they buy it.

  1. It’s a brand building investments

Product and its packaging represent the brand! It highlights the vision of the brand. And both aspects should align well even if it takes an added cost to attain so!

Pull out ideas on how your product vision, use, and ideas can best match with the package to make a quality impact on the customers about a brand. Keep a feel and brand stature alive in all product packaging of your brand so that customers can identify with the brand and assure that the brand serves right with the ideas and product quality.

  1. Product preservation

Touch the base! Your packaging should not take away the authenticity of the product. It should serve the base purpose of keeping the product in a consumable stage for long. The exteriors are essential but it is the end product that shall boost the sale. Consider the supply chain process, time of consumption, lasting storage options, etc to stand with the easy use of the product

  1. Keep an eye on the competition

Product sales are a lot related to the competition that exists in the market. Your packaging designs should also stand out from your competitors for which it is essential to note what kind of packaging prevails in the market already.

Considering finding your competitors in the market and research on their product packaging to level up and bring something that truly makes you grab the attention.

  1. Ways to sell your packaging product

Every market has its individual need and appeal for the customers. While in a brick-and-mortar setup a product that can be touched and felt or makes an impression on the shelf stands out, over the internet it is about informative packaging, transportation, and storage.

Be it through photographs or personal touch – you should lay attention to the kind of market you are targeting when designing the product.

From proportions, balance in usage and impression to serving the right vision – product packaging shall add up to good sales only when your product and packaging matches the standards expected by the customers!

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