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10 Ultimate Garden design ideas to make your outdoor space fun for kids

Gardening is not everybody’s cup of tea! By just planting trees in your backyard, you cannot say you have done a lot of gardening! You need to up your game of gardening skills to maintain your garden well and keep it abundant in beauty and naturally fulfilled. But at times, it becomes tough for the garden owners to maintain the garden for a longer period.

And hence, due to negligence, the plants die and the garden becomes just a backyard again! That is why today we are going to discuss some low maintenance garden design ideas for the busy bee garden lovers who don’t get enough time to maintain their small garden.


Most kids totally love expressions and specialties, so an extraordinary method to get kids out into the garden is to have them make something utilitarian, which they can see being utilized in your outside space. 

Genuine fun can be had painting earthenware pots for use in the garden. For best outcomes, base coat the pot with emulsion first and varnish toward the conclusion to keep your kids’ manifestations looking marvelous. 

Let them free with a wide palette of hues and permit them to pick what gets planted in the pot once they’re done. 

More seasoned children may likewise appreciate making their own plant markers. Reuse wooden sticks, purchase extraordinarily structured plant markers from the garden community, or gather level rocks for painting or drawing structures onto—it’s up to you. 

Assignment the kids with replicating plant names, drawing or portraying the plant onto the marks, and afterward permit them to put the names to use by popping them close to the correct plants out in the garden. 

For a noisier expansion to the garden, take a stab at making a thumping breeze ring utilizing sticks from your garden itself or those gathered on a nature trail.

  1. Add a Picnic Shelter

Adding a Picnic shelter in the garden is the best idea. You can also spend some time with your kids, friends and family in a shelter space. A Metal Shed or  Metal Buildings are the best place for kids in summer and rainy seasons. It will provide proper shelter to enjoy your picnic time.


Plant assortments that have an effect outside of the garden, so your kids can appreciate their rewards for so much hard work in different parts of their lives. 

You could pick a long-blooming plant, for example, the ‘Ferdinand Pichard’ assortment of Rose, for a steady flexibly of phenomenally striped slice blossoms from now directly through to harvest time. These can be delighted inside your own home to give some energetic shading in a jar. 

Tell your kids the best way to take care of and water these plants and let them pick the swollen organic products or sprouting when prepared. It will give them a wonderful feeling of achievement.


From Great Tits to Starlings, Goldfinches to Collared Doves, the UK is home to a colossal populace of vivid flying creature species in summer. Make your garden additional cordial to flying creatures by giving a water source, for example, a water basin, for drinking and washing. 

Entice them further by making flying creature fat balls or maybe a basic apple winged creature feeder (maybe utilizing your homegrown apples) and hang it some place conspicuous in your garden. The kids will love besting up the water just plain silly with a smaller than expected watering can or stirring up the seed and fat in a monster blending bowl. 

Broaden the fun by urging your kids to get out feathered creature spotting in the garden. Give them a winged creature shading sheet, a flying creature word search, or a little pair of binoculars and a feathered creature spotting book so they can recognize the fowls visiting your garden. 

On the off chance that your kids are inclined toward the odd PC game, interface the two exercises with this fabulous ‘Shading a feathered creature’ game from the RSPB.


An incredible thought for more established children is to give them an approach to gain pocket cash by doing random temp jobs in the garden that are appropriate for their age. You could request that them water plants, deadheading blossoms, or even—for capable adolescents—cutting the yard. 

My extraordinary love of agriculture started with me doing these sorts of employments for neighborhood retired people and I never thought back. 

Close by getting them out into nature, this instructs children about the estimation of hard joins and what they can truly accomplish in the garden on the off chance that they set their attention to it. 

It additionally easily handles garden upkeep, builds up their gardening aptitudes and, on the off chance that you can get out there with them and work one next to the other, produces a great feeling of family achievement.


I’m continually saying that gardens aren’t just about blossoms and outskirts, they’re additionally about having an incredible open air space for the sake of entertainment. A brilliant method to make your garden kid-accommodating is to make various zones, as is regularly done at nurseries or in school play zones.

You may, for instance, consider making a region that is mulched with bark chippings and give your kids containers, spades and dumper truck toys for burrowing and tipping. 

In the event that you have a canine, you could likewise recommend that the kids cover a few treats or a most loved toy around there for your pooch to discover. 

Another extraordinary thought is to jump out some old pots, container and kitchen utensils close to a neglected fringe and urge the kids to concoct something in the ‘mud kitchen.’ 

In the event that your garden is sufficiently large, you could truly go wild and make a circuit or impediment course for kids to race round on bicycles or bikes. This works particularly well if your garden has raised regions that can fill in as meager slopes and slopes to climb.


Numerous children are completely intrigued by the small brutes that possess our gardens and my own kids are the same. They basically love discovering woodlice, worms and millipedes out in the garden and consistently have a ton of fun chasing them down. 

You can make this action as basic or as mind boggling as you’d like. For more youthful children, it tends to be sufficient to tell them the best way to turn shakes and logs off the beaten path to discover the animals that hide underneath. 

On the off chance that you need to include to a greater extent a feeling of event, you could utilize this minibeast spotter sheet to assist little children with coordinating the states of the animals they see with the photos on the sheet. 

For more established children, sending them out to find frightening little creatures with a child safe amplifying glass and bug recognizable proof sheet close by can make for a considerable length of time of amusement.

Since numerous minibeasts are a gardener’s companion, assisting with molding and circulate air through the dirt, fertilize blossoms and crops or even eat garden bugs, making a safe house in which they can genuinely flourish is both child and plant cordial! 

As far as I can tell, children of any age appreciate making and enlivening a creepy crawly or honey bee inn. Look at my convenient creepy crawly lodging guide for clues and tips on making your own.


Let your kids choose what they’d like their plot to resemble! In the event that you are lacking in space, a plot may be past you, however you could in any case give your youngster their own pot or window enclose which to plant things they pick. You’ll be stunned how much distinction a smidgen of proprietorship will make to your kids. 

On the off chance that you have a huge enough garden, mark out an area that has a place with every youngster. My dad did this for me and my two kin when we were nippers and we loved it. To make it progressively fun, cordon their plot off with a brilliantly shaded low picket-fence or paint a brought bed up in all the shades of the rainbow.

When kids have their space set up, pour over gardening magazines and sites together and let your children pick what they’d prefer to plant in their own fix. I have proposals for numerous types on this site, including simple to-develop natural product plants to splendid climbers.


If the kids aren’t too young, adding a lake to your space can make it increasingly serene and alluring to gainful untamed life, for example, frogs, amphibians and even hedgehogs. 

Not exclusively can the kids go on yet more nature-spotting experiences, you can likewise get them nets and send them lake plunging or urge them to make little vessels to race on the water out of regular materials. 

Actually, you can include the kids in pretty much every part of a lake, from its creation to its upkeep. In the event that they’re mature enough, they can assist you with uncovering it, line it and fill it with water. 

When it’s set up, you can purchase excellent amphibian plants and brilliant fish together to populate it—I did this without anyone’s help as a youngster, picking a youthful dark goldfish and watching it change hues as the weeks went on. 

The kids can even assist with keeping the lake bested up with water throughout the mid year when dissipation can cause water levels to drop. 

Make certain to manage your children when they are close to water and in the event that you’d like additional significant serenity, a lake security spread will empower you to appreciate having a lake in your garden, without stressing over anybody falling in.


At the point when all else comes up short, interesting houseplants can keep the kids delighted for a considerable length of time. 

Extraordinarily fun are flesh eating houseplants, similar to Drosera (Sundew), Dionaea muscipula (Venus’ fly snare) and Nepenthes (Monkey cups). While looking colorful and intriguing, they will likewise carry out the responsibility of disposing of undesirable bugs from your home. 

On the off chance that you have a compost bin assortment pot, setting one of these plants close by can be a decent method to keep organic product flies under control. The majority of these plants will flourish in a splendid spot out of direct daylight.

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