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10 ways to restore your beauty after a beach vacation

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Pina Coladas and sunsets – A perfect summer holiday is one which doesn’t limit on any of it. Soaking into the bright sun rays sitting by the beach is the itinerary for almost all of us during the summer season. The waves of water happen to lighten up our days and those with pale skin love their tan. But tanning isn’t a good idea for everyone. Tanning can bring along uneven skin tone, pigmentation, pimples, etc and cause you to look too dark.

After the beach vacation breaks havoc on your skin, it is time to get into some skincare routine and restore your beauty.  While enjoying your new sun-kissed look is good, these 10 skin care tips are going to help you get back that fresh and soft skin.

  • Drink lots of water

Staying out in the sun definitely dehydrates the skin. During a vacation, the fruity and fizzy drinks can leave no trail of your daily water count. And so after a beach vacation, your skin always looks dull and tired. Get back into drinking enough water daily to hydrate your body from the inside. Water will restore the pH balance, retain the moisture and also bring back the lost glow in due time. If you can add a dash of lemon, mint or cucumber to your regular water – even better.

  • Exfoliate to cure the skin damage

Sun rays burn down the skin cells. And a tanned look is nothing but the sight of it. Too much of tan can cause skin pigmentation, uneven skin tone, and pimples. To save from it exfoliating is essential. Get rid of the dead skin cells by applying a scrub on your face and rubbing it in gentle motions. It can be gram flour mixed with curd, apricot scrub, coffee scrub, etc. Just clean your skin and start scrubbing once in two days to get rid of all the dead skin cells. It will control the damage.

  • Restore the nutrition

Start eating healthy! Nothing takes care of your skin as well as a good diet does. Add up a lot of fruits, vegetables, juices, pulses, and grains into your diet and enjoy giving your body the essential nutrition. The healthiest of diet show up on the skin. The right kind of food will help the skin replenish its own beauty within days. And as a healthy diet is a regular process, it will restore your skin in days to come.

  • Cure the skin redness and inflammation

The redness of the skin, inflammation and burning sensations are common when you get tanned. And the days after the holidays can be really tough with all the burning sensations and redness on the face. Try to soothe your skin with fresh water, Aloe Vera Gel, rose water, witch hazel, etc. These have a calming effect on the skin and give freshness too. Likewise, some anti-inflammatory food items like yogurt, mint, broccoli, walnuts, etc can also be applied to boost up the overall skin appearance.

  • Moisturize your skin

Dryness and dullness of the skin can be hard to deal with after a beach holiday. And with all the skin burn one would certainly try to avoid anything on the skin. But this is the time when your skin needs moisture the most. Try to keep your skin as clean as possible and apply moisturizer twice a day. Make sure you choose a moisturizer that has aloe vera, cucumber, rice water extracts, Vitamin E or water ingredients. Go for the gel formulas as they are light on the skin and soak up fast.

  • Hot oil treatment for hair

Sun rays can take away all the moisture from your hair and leave it frizzy, dry and damaged. The best way to restore your hair damage is to take hot oil treatments on a regular basis. Take warm oils like Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Jasmine oil or Argan oil to apply from the roots to the shaft and massage gently. Cover it up with a shower cap and let it soak for at least 2 hours. Wash your hair after hot oil treatment and repeat the process twice a week at least.

  • Treat those eye bags

You may notice visible eye bags and dark under eye area right after you are back from holiday. It is not just because of the long flight you had but because of unhealthy sleeping patterns, too much sunlight, stress, etc. And it’s best to not ignore it. Target the under eye area by applying an under eye cream that is rich in Vitamin E and Vitamin A. These nourish the sensitive skin around the eye and keep it cool. Within days the dark eye and puffy eyes will be gone.

  • Use that lip balm

Lip balms are gentle on the skin and are highly moisturizing. Dry and chapped lips need extra moisture to restore their dryness and dullness. It is best to keep a lip balm handy and apply it frequently on your lips to restore the lip nutrition. Lip balms can also be great to spot treat some highly burning areas. As these are gentle, lip balms won’t burn and restore moisture on the skin.

  • Anti-tan treatments

After the immediate light treatments have cured the dry and damaged skin it’s time to get professional treatments. Anti-tan scrubs, massage creams, face sheet masks, etc have the goodness that helps remove tan from the skin and leave the skin replenished. Get into the routine of anti-tan treatments to have a good time de-tanning.

  • Don’t ignore the hands and feet

After being into salty sea water, mud, and extreme temperatures, your nails, hand, and feet can get damaged a lot. The skin can develop calluses, turn red, dehydrate and rough. The nails can get brittle and split. The only way to cure them is through professional manicure and pedicure treatments.

Back after your summer holiday trip? Now get into a dedicated routine to restore your beauty to its best!

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