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100 Indian fishermen arrested by Pakistan

Reports indicate that Pakistan has arrested at least 100 Indian fishermen. These fishermen were arrested for allegedly fishing in Pakistani waters, which is illegal. The arrests were made by the Maritime Security Agency (MSA) on Saturday night. Around 19 fishing boats made from wood have also been impounded by the MSA. The arrested Indian fishermen have been handed over to Pakistani police and they will be taken to the court on Monday. It may be recalled fishermen from both countries often stray into the territory of neighboring country. This happens inadvertently since the wide seas do not have physical borders or any signage.

The fishermen that are captured often have to endure severe hardships and they tend to languish in prisons for several years. These fishermen are often accused of spying, a serious charge, due to which, they have to spend considerable time undergoing investigations and court case. Moreover, the deteriorating diplomatic relations between the two countries also acts as a barrier for a fair trial of these fishermen. Some arrested fishermen are released from time to time as a goodwill gesture, but new ones keep getting caught.

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