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11 Ways to Get Your House Winter-Ready

“Winter is coming”! After hearing these three words, many of us may turn on our TV sets to watch the series. The rest of the bunch, will literally take the quote seriously and start with the preparations to make the house winter-ready. The word winter reminds us of gloves, sweaters, and scarfs! Just as we require protection during winter, so does our house.

The cold can do serious damage to thehouse, costing you a fortune. However, with a few preventive measures, you can ensure your home is fighting fit for winter.We are going to discuss the ways to make your house winter-ready with two approaches:

  • Repair work
  • Decorating the house

Let’s first discuss the repair work approach. The comfort of a cosy, warm home is exactly what you need in winter to help you forget about the short days. Adhering to a maintenance schedule before the season will certainly benefit you. The following guidelines can help you sustain the winter season with a well-maintained home.

1) Inspect all the doors and windows

Make sure your windows and doors are properly sealed so that there is no heat loss during winters. Check for weather-stripping around the frames, and replace where necessary. Replace the worn-out doorstops.

2) Inspect the roof for any damage

Watch out for damaged and loose shingles that may leak during winter’s storms or from melting snow. You can take the help of the handyman or a roofer if the damage is more. Check the caulking around the chimney and air vents for any damage and get it repaired as well.

3) Check the heating system or the furnace

Ensure your furnace is running properly and efficiently as it is the one factor which will provide warmth in the house during winters. Nowadays many programmable thermostats are available in the market and are highly popular as they help you save money on heating costs.

4) Prep the plumbing

Identify any plumbing issues with the pipes which are prone to freezing. You may also use heat tape around the pipes to keep them warm during extremely cold weather. Adding extensions to downspouts will cause the water to run at least 3 to 4 feet away from the foundation. Check for any undrained pipes as extreme cold can cause the water to freeze and burst the pipe as the ice expands.

5) Cover the exposed pipes

Pad the exposed pipes to prevent water damage resulting from a frozen pipe. Add extra coverage to exposed pipes in basement, attic or crawl space as even the smallest of pipes can cause a lot of damage.

6) Trim the bushes and trees nearby the house

Trim away all the overgrown bushes or trees near your house or the electrical wires outside. During winters, this will help decrease your risk of property damage and power problems.

Apart from the maintenance work, you also need to prep your house for the Christmas. Here are some amazing ways to do so:

7) Sweater candles

Decorate the candle holders or vases with sweaters and wool. It will give the overall cosy effect to the house going with the winter theme.

8) Paint it away

Paint your house with warm colours like yellow, burgundy and orange as these colours bring about a cheerful feeling during festivals. Buy pillow covers, cushions, bedsheets and sofa cover in pastel shades and give your house that warm, sunny feel.

9) Light up the area

Thwart the gloomy winter weather with some sparkling candles. Bring out the candles from Diwali and arrange them neatly to light up the space.

10) Make a reading nook

Imagine the snow falling and you sitting on your newly done reading nook near the window, sipping hot coffee and reading your favourite book! Oh, the feeling!

To welcome the winter, you can make your very own reading nook in one of the corner windows. This window seat will be the perfect perch for your afternoon nap and spend a day lost in a good book. Add cosiness by filling up the seat with cushions and pillows.

11) Fill the house with the season scent

Fill the house with the smells of the season by placing a fragrant bowl of potpourri on the centerpiece table or your dining table. You can add wintry scent such as cinnamon, pine needles, or evergreen to fill your home with seasonal cheer.

Everyone loves to welcome winter. People come up with various ideas to make their home winter ready. Let’s say; you have repaired and decorated your house most elegantly.

But what if there is a burglary or a fire at your place? What if a giant tree in the backyard falls on your house causing severe damage? Property insurance can save you during such events.

Not having the property insurance is just like driving the car without a seat belt in place.Property insurance is the safety net which will protect your house from a crushing fall or an unforeseen natural or man-made disaster.

You may have many valuables in your house. Any damage to such expensive items can take a significant toll on your pocket.When you have spent so much money for beautification of your home, imagine the feeling even if one item is damaged.

Home insurance in India, not only covers your house structure but also protects the contents of the house against fire, burglary, natural and man-made disasters. Buying a property insurance will ensure that you protect and cherish your house for many more years to come.

The cost of home insurance policy often depends upon the cost to replace the house and the additional items included in the policy. Since many of us do repair and remodellingwork during winter, having the home insurance can give you the added advantage as the getting the contents insurance helps cover the furniture, personal possessions and valuables that you keep in your home. 

So, don’t hesitate to make your house winter-ready this season, but also do not forget to have a property insurance at place.

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