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12-year old girl raped in broad daylight in Chandigarh while going for Independence Day event

Just as India celebrated the Independence Day, a 12-year old girl was raped in Chandigarh. The horrific crime occurred when the girl was on her way to her school to attend Independence Day celebrations. The girl had gotten late, so she decided to take a shortcut that passed through the children’s traffic park in Chandigarh’s Sector 23. However, when she was passing through the park, a man forcefully pulled her aside and raped her. According to police officials, the girl entered the park from the back gate while she was on her way to the school. The rapist used a knife to threaten the victim and raped her. The girl has entered a state of trauma after the incident and she is being given treatment at the hospital.

The police are currently looking at CCTV recordings in the area in order to identify the rapist. The rape took place in the morning, and since it was Independence Day, there was very little traffic and very few people in the park. The victim has been examined by doctors and sexual assault has been confirmed. The police have registered a case of rape, kidnapping and wrongful restraint. The girl informed about the rape to her parents after she reached home. Her parents then informed the police.

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