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LEO Privacy Guard 2.0

Mumbai, April 13th, 2015: Leading mobile app developer, LEOMASTER has launched a brand new privacy protection app called LEO Privacy Guard 2.0 that helps in securing both the mobile phone and the apps it contains. The app introduces incremental protection levels to tailor and match the needs of phone users better. The LEO Privacy Guard 2.0 app is available on Google Play for free.

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    All new UI design

The all-new LEO Privacy Guard 2.0 design philosophy emphasizes simplicity and utility. Main interface features App Lock, Privacy Protection and Settings tabs, where the user can see status and features. For example, under Privacy Protection, at a glance the user can see the current protection level and toggle privacy control for photos, videos, messages, and call records. This allows for an effective and individualized execution that streamlines the user experience.   

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The most intelligent App Lock tool

The tremendous popularity of smartphones has fuelled the rapid development of the digital world. Digitimes Research predicts that in 2015, there will be over 14 billion smartphone users in the world. As the smart phone market continues to boom in South East Asia as well as Latin America, social media and e-commerce apps are vulnerable. LEO Privacy Guard 2.0 App Lock allows the user to anticipate multiple scenarios by giving him/her control over duration, location, as well as other presets. 

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Innovative protection levels

LEOMASTER introduces an innovative way to categorize privacy protection across several levels, and they are: Dangerous, Vigilant, Normal, Good, and Perfect. The app makes recommendations for the appropriate privacy level according to the user’s conditions, so that they may make an informed choice. Particularly concerning the snooping of text messages and phone records, LEO Privacy Guard 2.0 affords the user full protection and keeps them worry-free.

Photos and Videos

Smartphones have largely replaced traditional cameras and video recorders, and media can be shared with the rest of the world in seconds. While it’s fun for the user to have the latest videos and images at their fingertips, there are some content that are not meant to be shared. Leo Privacy Guard 2.0 makes it easy for the user to hide their personal photos and videos and keeps them private.

LEO Privacy Guard 2.0 also monitors the data usage, battery level, and app installation status, keeping the user’s relationship with his/her smartphone fun and hassle-free. It also has a collection of beautifully designed interfaces for the phone’s lock screen.

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