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17A- The (brand) managers for all your assets

Tampa Bay has seen the rapid change and development in the real estate domain, silently uplifted by an up and coming enterprise 17A, headed by local prodigy Tanner Adams. The company known for its brilliance in foreseeing the future, has their hands down and dirty in the arenas of wealth management through capital hedge fund management, real estate development and management along with their new-found interest in the entertainment industry.

With their presence in every possible industry, 17A enterprises have made themselves known all over the city of Tampa Bay. Their skill in buying the old and creating them into new state of the art properties have taken them far and wide, with an outreach all the way to the city of Sarasota and the city of Longboat Key.

The $5million dollar signed their first big celebrity and country singer Roman Alexander in 2017, as their first big break into the entertainment industry. The country music sensation has been a household name ever since his first break in 2013 and now assure exceptional productions under the management of the very capable Tanner Adams. With the scope of spreading their wings into every industry where they anticipate growth and development, 17A enterprises promises to be the ultimate managers of your every asset.

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