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1M Intimate Cream Wash 3.5

For me, everything is related to hygiene, especially maintaining a good health. In malls, restaurants, public places, work… bathrooms are so dirty and ful of microbes because people have the least sense of hygiene, so i always try to avoid public bathrooms and consider using them as an invitation for allergies and infections. However, sometimes we face urgent cases and feel as we have to use them and here comes all the infections.
Because of such cases, I usually use daily intimate hygiene washes to keep myself clean and vaginal health. My choice regarding intimate hygiene washes is 1M Intimate Cream Wash pH 3.5, and it is the best.

Why I chose 1M Intimate Cream Wash pH 3.5?
1M Intimate Cream Wash has an ideal pH of 3.5, and it mainly contains Lactic Acid, Sea Buckthorn Oil and Tea Tree Oil.
Therefore, it is perfect to maintain the natural acidic balance of the intimate (vulvo-vaginal) area.
This wash cream reduces most symptoms of vaginal discharge including dryness, burning, itchiness, bad odors and soreness.
Additionally, it lowers your risk of vaginal infections and restores healthy intimate micro-flora consisting of good bacteria for e.g. lactobacilli which is found in this area.

How we use it:

It is a two step technique for 100% protection:
1- Apply 1M intimate cream wash on the dry or wet skin of your intimate area.
2- Rinse lightly during bathing or leave it on your skin ( It is safe since it is a water-soluble cream with natural ingredients).

1M Intimate Cream Wash is comes in a white colored tube with a flip open cap.
It is travel-friendly packaging, since it is small and shuts tightly to avoid any dripping issues. The cream is mild and has a slightly floral fragrance.
1M cleanses, moisturizes the intimate area, protects against infection, helps in maintaining a natural pH of 3.5 and restores beneficial bacteria Lactobacillus acidophilus.

I usually foam a small amount in my palm and wash the area. Sometimes, when I feel uncomfortable, I prefer to leave it for a minute or two. I am really happy and comfortable because I didn’t feel any kind of itching or burning sinceI started using 1M Intimate Cream Wash, and I suggest using it once or twice a day especially if you suffer from any symptom of vaginal discharge.
Eventually, I can recommend 1M Intimate Cream Wash as my best cream wash to keep your intimate areas clean and healthy with a nominal price and it is available online and at malls and supermarkets.

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