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23,000 terror suspects believed to be operating in UK

British intelligence agencies have estimated that there must be around 23,000 terror suspects currently operational in the United Kingdom (UK). This estimate has emerged after the recent bombing in Manchester, which resulted in the deaths of 22 people and caused injuries to 119 others. With reports coming in that Manchester suicide bomber Salman Abedi, who is originally from Libya, was known to intelligence agencies in UK, it has put a question mark on all the things that MI5 knew about the suicide bomber and how they tackled the matter. Now intelligence services in UK believe that there can be as many as 23,000 people living in the UK, who could possibly have extremist tendencies.

Sources have revealed that 3,000 of the total terror suspects pose an active threat and these people are under constant surveillance by police and intelligence services. The rest 20,000 terror suspects have been classified as “residual risk”. Meanwhile, CCTC images have been released by the Greater Manchester Police, which shows suicide bomber Abedi at the Manchester Arena where the bombing occurred after the end of the Ariana Grande concert. A statement issued by the Greater Manchester Police read, “We have made significant progress in this fast moving and complex investigation, working with the national counter terrorism policing network and UK intelligence partners and securing the arrests of 11 people who remain in custody.”

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