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25 hacks to keep the messiest areas organized

Who does not like to have a spic and span room with defined corners, organized spaces, and beautiful interiors! But we also know the fact that it does not come easy. It requires a lot of effort to keep our respective rooms in the perfect manner that we want. Having an ideal room/home requires tremendous work. You will have to first decide on the way you want to design your room looking at the stuff that you have to adjust. Moreover, it should not just be about adjusting, rather one should think elaborately and even do a bit of research online to see various designs that will not only maximize the storage spaces but will also keep the messiest areas organized.

There are certain areas of our home that are more probe to being unorganized, dirty and totally messy. These areas includes spaces such as, space below the stairway, the study area, kitchen storage space, side tables near the bed, cupboards, etc.

Today we are going to give you some tips and tricks that will help you keep the messiest areas organized in your homes:

  1. Add extra storage to any room by putting a shelf right above the door. There’s almost always a few inches of space, perfect for storing things like towels! These will leave you with ample space in the cupboard

  1. Dressing table – Make a earring holder out of a grater from the kitchen. This will help you not loose those tiny earrings as well as keep the areas organized

  1. For the wires and cords under your desk, attach a basket to the underside of the desk and put your surge protector in it. This will keep all the cords off the ground, making it safer and more organized

  1. Utilize more space in your freezer with binder clips. Just take bags of frozen food and clip them to the shelves in the freezer, letting them hang while still being stored properly

  1. Take on old unused photo frame. Bend spoons/forks and stock them on the front with super glue. Use this as a key holder to keep all your keys in place. These actually help us save a lot of time while stepping put of the house

  1. Use a paper towel holder to organize your bracelets. You can just slide the bracelets over the top of the holder, making jewelry storage so much easier!

  1. Use magnet strips on the upper side of the kitchen rack to place extra jars. This will help maximize storage space and will also let the area look organized

  1. Use plastic boxes in your drawers and shelves to organize and keep small things separate and clean. These drawer dividers helps us store our stuff such as socks, lingerie, and belts in place

  1. Get a standing magazine floor rack with multiple sections to put all your reading material in one place instead of spread out on the top of tables, end tables and nightstands

  1. The space under the bed is an ideal storage area that you don’t want to waste. You could use cubbies, baskets, or bags to stash bed linens and other non-essentials, but drawers are perhaps the quickest and easiest way to access this space and keep it tidy

  1. Use hanging hooks that are beautiful, and match the furniture of your room. These help us keep our bed free from things such as handbags, scarves, etc.

  1. Do your dishes after every meal. I know it sounds difficult but actually isn’t. A pile of dirty utensils in the kitchen is not only unhealthy, but also very bad to look at. Hence try to get the utensils cleaned just after your meal. This will help the kitchen look clean

  1. Always put things away. Not only does this drastically reduce clutter, but it also just makes your life easier, since you’ll always be able to find things when you need them

  1. Vacuum at least once a week. Cleaning is never fun, but we often make it way harder on ourselves by waiting until things are disaster movie-levels of dirty to start cleaning

  1. Install some ceiling shelves to store things like books, picture frames, and other items that you probably don’t need to use every day

  1. Use a combination of bins and shelves to organize the corners of your house

  1. Make your own DIY storage ottoman using simple wooden crates. Whether you place it at the foot of your bed or use it as a coffee table for your living room, this crafty piece of furniture also doubles as a storage area

  1. Keep sufficiently big racks under the staircase to store shoes, and other footwear. This will not only free up space in other room/kitchen but will also help us in keeping the house congested

  1. Make a geometric memo board. It’s cute, fashionable, and affordable to make. Plus, it will save you from endless notes and paper clutter strewn across your desk

  1. Beverages taking up too much space in your dorm room’s mini-fridge? A couple of binder clips create a neat and organized rack for bottles and cans q

  1. A shower curtain rod and towel bar combination can be just the solution for hanging towels and other items to dry without leaving them on display in your bathroom. This option means they’ll hang subtly behind the shower curtain, where they can drip dry into the tub

  1. Organise your medicines. Nowadays sippers/bottles are available in such designs that you may store your medicines also in the same

  1. Use vertical space for storing, more than the horizontal space. An example here can be the vertical space between the fridge and the wall. The cover of the fridge can be utilized as a vertical storage space

  1. Most-used items should be stored at eye level in your closet. The less often you use an item, the higher up you can store it on your closet shelves

  1. Attach a magazine rack to the inside of a cupboard to easily store those pesky lids for your pots and pans. Few things in life are more frustrating than trying to find a place for all those loose lids among your carefully stacked pots and pans; this hack from Get Organized Wizard saves the day.

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