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28 companies blacklisted for IIT placements

While placements are in full swing at the IITs (Indian Institute of Technology), the All-India Placement Committee (AIPC) of IITs has blacklisted 28 companies due to various reasons. This year, the AIPC wants fewer companies to visit the campuses, so that the mad rush can be avoided and only credible companies get to hire the top talent in the country.

Earlier, a trend was noticed wherein many companies would make offers, but would fail to keep them when the time came for the candidate to join the company. Due to this, candidates lost precious time and it also adversely affected their career prospects. Now, AIPC wants to deal with only those companies who can keep their promises made to candidates.

The companies that have been blacklisted will not be able to recruit IIT students for a year. Some of the companies that have been blacklisted include PSK, Johnson Electric, Portea Medical, Cashcare Technologies, Pepper Tap, LeGarde Burnett Group, Mera Hunar, and Indus Insight. The blacklisting of companies will reduce the crowd at IIT campuses. It will ease the pressure on students, so that they can focus on their interview and other tests that a company may ask them to take.

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