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3 Best Ad Network For New Bloggers (With Fast Approval)

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Hey, are you start your new blog in this year? And trying to earn some extra money from your blog? Then this post is only for you. You might be trying to get Google AdSense from google but it’s pretty hard to get from a new blog.

Today In this article I’ll show you how you can monetize easily your new and low-traffic blog and earn some extra money. You have to be patient and keep reading this post from top to bottom. In this post, I’ll include top 3 best Ad Networks which is very friendly to the new bloggers.

We already now that AdSense is a great ad platform for their quality ads on the all over the web. But there is a problem for the new bloggers to getting approval. Even if your website is almost 6-9 months old then sometimes you get rejected from the approval.

What you Need Before Apply the Ad Network?

There are few several things that you need to apply on your website or you have to use those terms on your website to get fast approval. Let me describe some important require facts.

  • Quality content: We all know that content is the king. If your content is not good enough for the visitor then you will be lost your daily visitor and then you probably drop your rank. Obviously, you have to put the unique article on your blog. You should avoid copy past content on your website.
  • Quality Design: Design is one of the major factors. If your website is not mobile friendly and there is no space putting ads on your site then it’s a bad sign to get rejected from different ads network company. If you want then you can check out some great good quality Ads Space WordPress blog themes all of them are highly responsive and SEO optimize template.
  • Copyright Free Image: It’s one of the most important factors that many of blogger avoid copyright issue. But you have to be serious about that if you want to get approval from a different kind of ads network. Find here most popular copyright free stock images for your website.

Now it’s time to discover with you those 3 ads network for new bloggers. At the same time I’ve found so many other ads network website. Most of them require lots of information and also don’t provide valuable ads everything time. Some of them cheating with bloggers by refusing to pay.

After researched few ads network I’ve found this 3 ads platform that they provide valuable ads and really you can earn extra money from it.

  • Propellerads:Propellerads is one of my favorite ads network company which is very easy to use for the new blogger. This ads network build specially for the beginners. It’s a CPM network system ads platform. Getting approval from their ads network all you have to just need to signup then
    • Create your ads
    • Please it properly in your blog
    • Just wait few days and you will make $2-$6 USD from 1000 views.
    • Minimum Payout is $25
  • POPAds:

It’s a premium ads network platform. If you are looking at some good quality ads network then POPAds is one of them. They are good enough for small publishers because they don’t have any minimum traffic requirements.

They started their journey in 2010 and doing really well from other ads network. They allow any kind of blogs including porn website and other adult content.

After signup there you will see some basic configuration where you have to fill out all the necessary information about your webite and also the payment method. They will send you payment automatically once you reach the minimum amount.

Some Special features you need to know:

  • High CPM Rates
  • There are no minimum traffic requirements
  • You can payout easily when it cross $5 USD
  • Auto Money Withdrawal system

 Revenue Hits

  • Revenue hits is one of the different platforms from the above 2 ads network. Because they have some unique features.

    Basically they won’t pay you the money for the click and impression. They will give you money only when visitor takes an action after click on their ads. But thanks fully that they pay you more than other networks.

    If you properly place ads on your website and can monetize it for your audience using the actual content structure then you will get some great value from this ads network.

    Some Special Features about them

    • They will pay $10-$50 per action
    • The minimum payout is $50
    • They pay using PayPal, Payoneer and bank transfer.

I’ve seen some of my friends earning more than$50 USD per day using this ads network. If you ask me which one is my favorite ads network website? Then I really love Revenue Hits from my personal experience. This is a great ads network platform for the small website.

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