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3 Secret Strategies to Boost your Digital Marketing Conversions

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Conversions are the holy grail of any digital marketing campaign. But many newbie digital marketers feel: if they can bring traffic they will eventually get conversions. Yes, this philosophy is partly true, but it is similar to taking a longer route to your home! The secret to digital marketing success often lies in the way you are able to strategize for conversions. You can have thousands of people visiting your landing page, but if they are not converting then all your hard work goes in vain. Similarly, you might have hundreds of visitors and a large percentage is filling up your contact forms – now that is success! Here, we would like to discuss about some secret strategies that might help you boost the conversions through your next digital marketing campaign.

#1: Use Heat Maps

The basic to any digital marketing campaign lies in the creation of a landing page. Yes, you might have put in all the right elements in it, but how are the visitors reacting to it? That is what you need to monitor through the Heat Maps. With the use of this technology you can quickly see which parts of your landing page are being read the most, which parts are being ignored and at what point the visitors are exiting the page. You can mold your content, design elements and CTA based on the findings.

#2: Simplest of Forms

You can count a visitor to have converted only when the person fills up your form, after visiting the landing page. So, forms are very important. While many digital marketers are immersed in making their contact forms well designed and information laden, they are ignoring the most important aspect – User Experience. The form should be short, crispy and simple to fill. It should not take much of a thought or time to fill up. It should come straight to the point (apart from the contact details), that is asking the prospect about his/her need.

#3: Stay Mobile Friendly

Mobile web is not a new thing, but it is quite astounding to see even today digital marketing experts somehow forget to count for this aspect. Your landing page and contact forms should be responsive in nature. They should provide a uniform experience no matter whether the visitor is viewing them from a wide screen or mobile screen. Even if you have to spend something extra to create a mobile only version of the landing page and contact form, go for it.

Hope you would utilize these highly effective strategies in your digital marketing campaigns. Have fun all you marketers!

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