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3 Storeys Movie Review

Release Date: March 09, 2018
Cast: Pulkit Samrat, Renuka Shahane, Sharman Joshi, Richa Chadha, Ankit Rathi, Masumeh Makhija, Aisha Ahmed
Director: Arjun Mukerjee
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Duration: 1 hour 40 minutes

Stories of people living in chawls in Mumbai have been depicted in many movies, as it does invite a lot of curiosity among the general populace. From stories of rags to riches to the emergence of dreaded underworld dons, Mumbai chawls have always tempted the audience to discover more about the lives of people living there. 3 Storeys is another such story, wherein it has been revealed that life in a Mumbai chawl can be just as exciting as anywhere else. It highlights the fact that ultimately it’s the people and the strength of their character that makes for interesting stories and not necessarily big bucks or glamorous locations.

3 Storeys weaves three separate stories that occur in a Mumbai chawl. The stories have their own start and ending, but they are intertwined. Each story acts as a part of a puzzle and when they come together, they reveal the big picture. One story is about a businessman (Pulkit Samrat), who is looking for an accommodation in the city. He meets an elderly Christian lady (Renuka Shahane), who demands a high price for her house. The second story is about a wife facing harassment from her alcoholic husband. The third story is about love that blossoms across religious faiths, involving a Muslim boy and a Hindu girl. The mystery connecting the three stories is revealed towards the end, which is new and exciting.

Coming to the big screen after a long hiatus, Renuka Shahane has delivered a remarkable performance. Her unglamorous character creates the perfect contrast for the exciting story that follows. Pulkit Samrat also appears competent in his role of a businessman. Richa Chadha plays a luscious seductress and her character connects all the three stories. Other actors have also delivered good performances.

3 Storeys is the type of fiction that will delight you. Go for its skillful narrative and the clever way it connects all the three stories to create a perfect whole.

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