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3 Things to Consider in Choosing the Best School for Your Child

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If you’re thinking of choosing a public school, private school or an international school. Manila residents have many options to choose for their children. Schooling is important for a child’s development.

In school is where children learn to socialize, develop study habits and retain values. It is an important development stage that is always a worthy investment for a child’s future. A good school is where a child not only grows mentally but also emotionally.


The best school to choose for your children should have close proximity to home. The close proximity helps especially with the sleeping schedules and emergencies. Children don’t have to get up too early to get to school if you live near.

For emergencies, such as picking up your child mid-day, it’s much easier to know that the traffic is minimized to pick up your children. Besides this, location also determines general traffic and size of the campus.

Taking your kids to school shouldn’t be a hassle at all and every child deserve the right to have enough ample space on the campus.

Personal Values

Think about your personal values as a family. Their learning environment is crucial to how their personality, morals, and values develop as time passes. The school you choose should resonate with what you want to provide your child.

Consider feedback of other people about your prospects, some schools may offer good facilities but lack good educators and vice versa. Ask yourself if you prefer a private or public school setting.

Analyze if your budget can handle tuition and miscellaneous fees. Would you prefer a school that derives their core values from religion? Look up teaching philosophies of the school as well if it fits your child’s needs. All of these factors will shape your child’s future.

The Campus

Once you have the two bases covered, visit the principal or headmaster of the school. Don’t be afraid to ask for a tour of the facilities. Take keynotes on how the campus is maintained and how secure it is.

Are the staff friendly and approachable? Are the entrances secure and well guarded? Are the teachers receiving good feedback from students? Is the campus able to challenge your child positively? Does the school offer chances and programs to improve your child’s education?

A good campus should be able to positively answer these questions. After all, why settle for less and waste potential?

Schools nowadays are improving their facilities and technology to be able to adapt to the needs of each generation. From the use of old projector screens to incorporating the use of tablets in classes are one of the examples of how teaching and technology have transformed.

Key Takeaway

The right school for your child has to be the best that fits your needs. Each parent can choose a public, private, and international school in Manila. Take consideration in the practical location of the school.

Think about the proximity from home and work. Values shape a child’s development, take note if it’s in line with what you believe in. Discover if religion and philosophy are compatible. Lastly, scout the campus thoroughly and make sure that it’s top of the line and safe.

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