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3 Ways to style your Kurtis this summer!

Summer season calls for a big shopping spree. The hot scorching sun is here shinning bright in the sky and you know you have to prep up in order to combat with the heat. But what is that one clothing piece that serves as the ultimate armor against the heat in Pakistan? KURTIS.

Kurtis do not only save you from the wrath of the heat in summers but also makes a super casual yet chic and elegant fashion statement. A Kurti is the ultimate go to dress for all the girls in Pakistan. We all know the urge to look fancy and sophisticated in summers when even looking upright is sometimes very difficult because it gets really sweaty and no matter how much of energy and time you spend to put on the perfect look, you will end up in a disheveled state after spending a few hours outside under the sun. Hence it is extremely important to trust clothes that are summer friendly and Kurtis are the most summer friendly desi dress option that you cannot afford to miss out on, especially to save yourself from the pangs of the summer heat.

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But why should you just pair your Kurtis with a legging all summer when you can make it look more like the perfect fashion ensemble? The fashion world is all about diversification these days, so why should you stick to one style only? There are so many better and chic ways to rock your Kurtis and Peplum frocks. Have a look at the rundown we have jotted down to help you stay in style this summer and beat the heat in style.

  • Kurtis with a pair of faded ripped jeans

You all want to look super fancy and kick the contemporary ways of rocking a Kurti. So why not pair it with a faded ripped jeans? A number of celebrities have often been spotted rocking this look. White chicken kurti paired with faded blue ripped jeans is the highlight of the season.

  • Kurtis with white gharara

Keeping cool in summers is extremely difficult especially in cities like Karachi and Hyderabad. Here, the best thing to do with your kurtis is to pair them up with a loose fit bottom and gharara has to be the best pick for it. Now we are not asking you to soak yourself in a giant thaan of kaprain the name of gharara. Instead go for a gharara that is not too much loose but fits you well (a normal size that can be worn casually) and does the job of keeping you cool as well.

  • Kurtis with plazzo pants

Last but not the least is a Plazzo pants and Kurti combo. These super chill wide legged and flared pants go well with any type of Kurti. It gives off a modern and summery appeal to the overall look. Flaunt it with a nice colored kurti, pair up the look with gladiator flippies and have a great day!


Still don’t want to invest a bit of your summer shopping budget on kurtis? That is a sad thing. Like, there needs to be a consensus on the good trend of wearing kurtis in the east. So, look at amazing collection of online kurtis shopping in Pakistan. Let’s take this trend to the west as well, sounds great? You just cannot ditch the idea of wearing kurtis.

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