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3 ways to turbocharge your productivity

Work from home (WFH), Study and Learning from Home (SFH), social distancing are the new realities of our life. Professionals taking official conference calls, and teaching staff and children attending online classes often feel embarrassed due to the background noises, which at times, are totally unavoidable. Such noise distractions result in mostly repeat conversations and productivity loss According to a recent CMR survey, more than 30% of users consider audio echoes and voice clarity the most common issues affecting web conferencing. This gap has flared conversations around efficient productivity software.

Productivity software is an ever-growing industry with so much to offer to enterprises and educational institutions who are looking at 100% remote operations or hybrid models of working. The pandemic skyrocketed the demand for productivity platforms and many technology companies invested in meeting the needs of enterprises working online. In modern-day audio productivity, both voice clarity and noise cancellation on both ends – of the speaker and the listener, plays a critical role for experiencing office and classroom like environment while functioning from home.

How does a noise cancellation software work?

A noise-cancelling software works as a virtual filter. The idea is to record the background noise from our ambient environment, then invert that noise signal to create anti-noise, and combine it with the output signal which includes music, a pet’s sound, traffic or human voice. This anti-noise signal cancels out the actual surrounding noise by the time it reaches our ears.

With the noise cancelling technology installed, you’ll be set up for all your future calls and meetings to be noise and distraction free. Once you’ve heard how peaceful all that silence can be, you’ll never want to go back!

Benefits Of Using a Noise Cancellation Software

Sound quality has emerged as a non-negotiable enabler of business continuity, client and partnership management and internal communications. Noise Cancellation Software improves the professional reputation of enterprises with their customers, prospects, and partners have of their business, leading to increased revenue and customer satisfaction.

Getting the same working environment as in office is difficult to achieve while working from home. Studies and reports show that business leaders feel that audio clarity equipment has become critical with their employees working from home or remote locations in the last two years. They now see audio clarity in online conversations as a key to maintaining healthy client, employee, and partner communication.

Clear communication leads to greater camaraderie, better trust, and better mental and physical health of the workforce. Today, technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) have advanced to a stage where it is enhancing audio solutions that boosts productivity by eliminating all distracting background noise, be it during the virtual conferences, online classes and even while carrying online conversations in noisy offices with chatty colleagues. Moreover, noise cancellation software helps concentrate more effectively, leading to better productivity.

Noise cancellation software improves the voice quality in all inbound and outbound calls. The technology works by recognising human speech and eliminating background disturbances, thus, producing crystal clear audio. Today’s most advanced AI-embedded noise-cancellation headsets, headphones, ear plugs and speakerphones can increasingly filter the signal from the noise, detecting and blocking ambient noise before it reaches users’ ears. The only drawback of earphones and head gear being the increasing chances of getting ear infections and headaches due to prolonged use, especially for children and adolescents.

To bridge the gap of cancelling out background noise around the prime speaker, and also background noise coming from other speakers on virtual conference calls without the need for external hardware; Aeris Communications has launched its latest solution – Claerityai– powered with AI-powered speech enhancement technology. This intelligent voice enhancement solution ensures that human speech remains the focus of the conversation. Claerityai seamlessly integrates with various collaboration applications, including Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, and others. Designed for enterprises, it is highly secure as the audio data does not leave the local install, eliminating worries related to security and privacy of audio communications. It has centralized user provisioning which enables the IT department to control rollout, user access and upgrades across the entire user base.



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