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30% Rise In Sinusitis Cases On An Yearly Basis: Warns Doctor

Delhi:  Sinusitis, often known as sinus commonly affects people of all age groupsIndoor and outdoor pollution, allergies, and common cold can trigger this condition. There is a 30% spurt in sinusitis cases on a yearly basis, and this condition will require immediate attention before it worsens. To manage sinusitis, you must take steam, keep oxygen plants, do breathing exercises, strengthen the immune system, and avoid having cold things.

Sinusitis or sinus infection occurs due to the inflammation of the tiny air pockets located around the bones of the nose. The sinus, or the pocket, is usually filled with air, and sometimes the area gets filled with germs or fluids that can lead to infection. One with sinusitis may feel that he/she is getting cold. If your condition persists for more than a week then it is the right time to consult an expert.

 Dr, Sanjeev Dang, ENT Apollo spectra Delhi, Karol bagh, highlighted, “The sinusitis cases have gone up by 30% in a year. Indoor and outdoor pollution that is dirty air, a sudden shift in temperature during winter, allergies, a deviated nasal septum, and a common cold are some of the factors that can aggravate this condition. People of any age group may encounter this problem and is commonly seen during winter, summer, and humid seasons. People with poor immunity and diabetes are susceptible to it. The symptoms can be a headache, runny nose, and swelling of the sinuses, nasal congestion, nasal discharge, and breathing problems. People having chronic sinusitis may also experience facial, upper jaw, and tooth pain. One will have postnasal drip, sore throat, loss of taste because of the congestion and fatigue.”

Dr. Sanjeev Dang added, “Do not panic as not all cases require surgical intervention. Antibiotics can be recommended to get rid of pain and inflammation. Keep oxygen plants at home to generate oxygen, opt for an air purifier, take steam, do breathing exercises, do not eat cold stuff, drink warm water, avoid venturing out in cold, give up on refined carbohydrates, alcohol, smoking, spicy, sugary and fried foods, and eat immunity-boosting foods. Moreover, visit an expert in case any nose problems persist.”

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