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30-year-old woman murdered in Delhi

NewsPatrolling – A 30-year-old woman was murdered at her residence in outer Delhi’s Mangolpuri on Wednesday late. Police suspect a known person behind the act.

The victim has been indentifies as Pushpa, a homemaker. The murder came to surface only after her husband returned home late night. When he tried calling up his wife and on not getting any response. He broke open into the house and was shocked to find his wife murdered.

According to police, the victim’s husband told them that when he returned from office found his door to be closed. He repeatedly called his wife but got no response from her.

The police personnel further added that the victim’s husband told them that on not getting any response he went to his landlord’s residence where he found his son.

“His landlord informed him that his wife left him with them and had told them she was going to market and would return in an hour,” added the police personnel.

According to police after few hours when his wife did not return and found the lights on the victim’s husband broke into the house through a window.

Police team inspecting the crime scene said the victim’s neck was slit.

“Several injury marks were found in the victim’s body. It seems she resisted the attack. Her murderer was probably known to her,” said a police personnel who inspected the crime scene.

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