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32% Of Cyber-Bullying Cases in UK involved Facebook

Recent reports have revealed that around 32.5% cases of cyber-bullying in UK in 2016 involved the use of Facebook. The cases were related to various forms of abuse such as revenge porn, harassment, etc. The development has led to fears that Facebook may be becoming a safe haven for people who may have a passion for cyber-bullying. There were attempts to blackmail, attempts to cheat and defraud people, sexual abuse, and vicious online bullying campaigns, all done through Facebook. Some experts said that Facebook may still not be doing enough to protect its users from cyber-bullying. Since Facebook is widely used by young people, it becomes all the more necessary to take steps to counter cyber-bullying.

In 2016, the total number of cyber-bullying cases in UK was 19,320. Out of this, Facebook was involved in 32.5% cases. The police were able to help in only 6,300 cyber-bullying cases. Talking about the development, a Facebook spokesman said, “We take people’s safety very seriously on Facebook. However, if people feel that they could be in genuine harm we would urge them to contact the police as well.” “We provide reporting links on every page of our site so that people can report content to us enabling our teams to review and take quick action.”

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