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33 more killed in Brazil’s prison wars

Riot police enter at the public jail in Manaus where some prisoners were relocated after a deadly prison riot in ManausImprisoned members of Brazil’s most dangerous criminal gangs led to the deaths of 33 inmates at the Monte Cristo prison of Roraima. The killings are believed to be carried out by members of the infamous First Capital Command (PCC) drug gang. Authorities are concerned that the violence may soon be spiralling out of their control.

What was most shocking is how brutal and gruesome the assasinations were. Heads, hearts, intestines and other body parts were eviscerated and the bodies of the victims were maimed by the gang members. This was reportedly done to even deny a decent burial to those killed. The killings are being attributed to the war between the PCC and other gangs for the control of the drug trade and the control of prisons in Brazil.

Some videos uploaded by the gangs were of the gang members killing and beheading prison inmates on live camera.

Brazil’s prisons are the 4th biggets in the World after USA, China and Russia. A lack of necessary infrastructure has led to inmates taking advantage of the situation and starting gang wars and prison killings.

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