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360° PR – A Brand to foster new business in their growth journey

Since time immemorial Perception has always played an important role in business.

Every business strives to build a strong brand connect and perception; However, SMEs many of times are not able to leverage its benefit to the fullest.

With the vision to help every business of today, to become ‘brand of tomorrow’; four companies joins hand together to launch 360° PR.
360° PR is a collaboration of Growing Buddies, GrowthBeats Communications, The Entrepreneurs of India and Teenskagram.

360° PR aims to provide and facilitate business for the complete spectrum of PR services including media portals, electronic media, TV/Radio Channels, Social media, and micro & macro Influencer segment.

The exhaustive approach undertaken by the venture would prove a boon to business in increasing their brand perception.
We also spoke to leadership team of venture, and hear what they said on this occasion:
“Having been a mother, educator, and social media influencer, joining hands with my partners to co-create a one-stop solution for every brand in the affordable budget is true disruption of current times. We aim to consider our client’s brand as our own brand and be part of their growth journey and fostering their clamber growth” says Nidhi Pandya, CEO & Co-Founder, 360° PR

“Being an Entrepreneur who connects with entrepreneurs daily and offers a platform, The Entrepreneurs of India, so they can share their story, I feel delighted to be one of the partners in 360° PR. 360° PR is a one-stop for entrepreneurs to shine over the internet. I feel very proud to have collaborated with the incredible Teenskagram, GrowthBeats, and Growing Buddies platform. Together, we wish to share more stories. Together, we wish to inspire more people! and 360° PR is the gateway to make it happen!” says Arjun Jaani, COO & Co-Founder

“Building strong trust, visibility, and brand awareness is what I feel the most important aspect in business. And 360-degree PR is the perfect bridge between you and your audience.” Says Harsh Dugar, CSO & Co-Founder

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