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4 Biggest Benefits of using Fleet Tracking apps

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So your cab business has matured to a stage where you are getting a lot of calls and enquiries every day! Your customer count is increasing by the day! Congratulations, your business has now moved past its early start-up days. But with all the glory comes a sense of responsibility. Your past errors might have been ignored by the customers, but they will expect only the best (and most professional) services from you now. And that presents a whole new dilemma for you, as a business owner. You have to manage your fleet of vehicles better! Transitioning from a start-up to a full-fledged cab service provider is not a simple task. But it can be made a bit simpler, if you use a robust fleet tracking app. How does the fleet tracking app help cab service businesses? Read on to know

  • Better billing & quotations: A fleet management app makes the life of your customer service executives much simpler. They do not have to make any complex calculations, within a couple of seconds, to provide upfront quotations to customers. All they have to do is tap away at the app, fill in the pick-up and drop locations and the fleet management tool will fetch you an accurate quotation. Same logic applies with the final billing for every journey.
  • Manage vehicle’s health better: Some of the intelligent fleet tracking apps, installed in the vehicles, can monitor the health of a vehicle. Health monitoring of your fleet helps your business offer uninterrupted services. Customers hate to do repeat business with a company whose vehicles face breakdown mid-way. And the fleet tracking app saves you from such blushes.
  • Helpful in time optimization: There are couple of ways in which this is achieved. As a first, the implementation of such an app keeps the drivers steadfast. They understand that their actions are being monitored, so there would be an increase in productivity. Secondly, the app would help you plan out the day for the driver. With the help of real-time mapping you can set a favorable schedule for the driver (whereby he can serve passengers close by his location). Again this eliminates the unnecessary travelling drivers often have to put up with during their day’s work.
  • Simplicity in technology: The fleet tracking app would be mostly used by the non-tech-savvy individuals, so all the features should be easy to access. Most of the fleet tracking apps have simplicity of use as their other names!

If you want to keep your business growing, then fleet tracking apps are your biggest assets.

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