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4 Breakfast in bed ideas for the special women in your life

Everybody loves a little pampering. Especially the ones who care for you without expecting anything in return. In this age of materialistic things, expressing how much you really care for that person puts you at your wit’s end. Women’s day is here and you’re on your toes wondering about the perfect gift. We think there can be no better gift than the gift of your efforts. Prepare something to surprise her in the morning so that she has the best kickstart to her day. She might be your mother, sister, colleague, partner or friend, treat her right on this women’s day with something thoughtful and healthy. Here are some breakfast in bed ideas for you to make your job easy:


1) Waffles with Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter and Waffles is a brilliant combination of health and dessert. While waffles are the savior for ones with a sweet tooth, Peanut Butter takes care of the protein for you. If you want to pay special attention to her health, pick natural peanut butter with no added ingredients and sugar. Present it in a tray with orange juice and she’d be more than happy to dig in as soon as she wakes up.

Whatever you prepare, it’s the efforts that matter. So go on, surprise the most important woman in your life with these amazing breakfast in bed ideas.       

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2) Omelette & Toast

Eggs and Toast sound like the most basic thing you could prepare for breakfast but it’s also commonly loved. If you are someone who isn’t really proud of their cooking skills, you can’t really go wrong with eggs. With eggs, you can try so many variants. Scrambled eggs or boiled eggs, anything is good for breakfast when prepared with love. Eggs are a healthy option too if she is someone who loves binging on proteins.

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3) Granola Bowl goodness

The go-to breakfast with the best of all things healthy, for the one who is always on her feet and manages all her tasks with utmost ease. To keep her going throughout the day and make her hustle something exciting by helping her with a healthy start to the day is the perfect gift for her this Women’s day. Again, this is easy to prepare and takes no time literally. Put all things healthy in a bowl with milk, top it with syrups and oats, it’s that easy!


  • Pancakes with Maple Syrup

Who doesn’t love a little maple syrup with pancakes or should we say little pancakes with maple syrup. They are easy to make and everyone loves digging on them. You can get really creative with pancakes and the syrup you use. You can go with Maple syrup, Chocolate syrup, and some cream and fruits to go with it. It’s always good to look at a plate of pancakes waiting for you when you wake up, their light and fluffy texture is perfect to give her a head start for the day.

By: Chetan Kanani, Co-Founder of Alpino Health Foods

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