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4 dreaded criminals escape from jail, as jail personnel play Holi

In a development that highlights the poor security at jails in India, four dreaded criminals have escaped from the Mainpuri jail in Uttar Pradesh. What is even more troubling is that the prisoners escaped when the jail staff was busy playing Holi. It appears that the jail staff and officers were so immersed in celebrating Holi that they completely forgot about their duties and responsibilities. The four prisoners that escaped were serving time for heinous crimes and now that they are free, it’s likely that they will commit more such crimes. Their escape has become a threat to society and lives of people may be in danger.

One of the prisoners who escaped is Rajendra Singh. He was soon to be hanged as per the court order, but now he has escaped from the jail. The second prisoner is Yogesh who was serving sentence for murder. The third escaped convict is Munsad, who police officials say is a sharp shooter. All these three are from Meerut. The fourth convict is a man named Sunil, who comes from Atariya Jalaun.

After the news of escape reached higher authorities, the police launched a massive hunt to locate the escaped prisoners. The District Magistrate reached the spot and has ordered an enquiry into the incident.

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