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4 Hottest selling Pendant motifs in 2019!


Pendants have a long and illustrious history. Right from the middle ages, when the pendants were worn primarily as religious symbols, they have become an important style wear for Indian men and women. While the men’s pendant motifs were inclined towards the religious symbols, those for women depicted more sentimental objects. The love for pendants somehow waned at end of the 1600s, but come the 20th century they made a grand comeback. Standing in the 21st century, they have been embraced by the fashion loving Indians. With that thought in mind, we thought of bringing before you some of the hottest selling pendant motifs.

#1: Zodiac Pendants

Pendants with Zodiac signs on them have made a great comeback in the recent years. While the Zodiac symbol remains at the core of such a pendant, yet modern jewelers find a way of merging it with the recent styles. Such pendants can come in plain form or could be decorated with an embellishment of gems.

#2: Cross Pendants

Cross pendants have been worn by the religious minded for many centuries. But we are not talking about those here. Today’s cross shaped pendants look a bit more stylish and come in an assortment of designs. Some of the cross pendants are so stylish that they can be accessorized with your best dresses.

#3: Minimalistic Pendants

There are many people who want to flaunt a style that is minimalistic in nature. If over-the-top is not your way, then minimalistic pendants coming with an assortment of attractive motifs can be the best choices. From stars to flowers, there are many designs you can choose among. The best thing about this variety of pendants is that it keeps you stylish without giving an impression of trying too hard.

#4: Initials Pendants

Name is an important part of your existence. It is the most efficient way of differentiating you from another. So, you are logical to have a close affinity with your name. The pendants with your name initials allow you to wear this with pride. They are available in many beautiful designs and have smooth edges, intricate designing, beautifully crafted, and excellent finish. Moreover, they can be worn for any occasion – whether formal, informal or traditional.

All the above mentioned pendant designs are not only trending, they are also quite cost effective. So, you can buy a pendant that best suits your tastes. If you are searching for best pendant designs online, do care to check out the stocks at Glitterati by Alankriti.

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