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4 Ingenious Ways to Organize Your Nail Paint Set

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Do you have a craze to buy nail polish? It’s every woman’s dream to keep collecting different colors, buying nail polish online from top brands, and applying them to their nails to match every outfit! A fashionista’s dream is to have a shelf stacked with nail polishes of all colors! For most women, it’s more like a feeling of chaos to find that the color they are searching for isn’t available, keeping them on the hunt to find it in the end.

With so many nail polishes in their collection, it’s often a challenge for women to organize them. The mere thought of just trying to organize the avalanche of bottles in a drawer or cupboard may seem overwhelming.

This post should serve as the perfect guide on how to organize your beloved nail polish collection, so you can access your favorite nail lacquer at any moment!

1.    A Wall Rack- Salon Style

Do you admire those handy nail polish racks that professional nail salons have? You can also have one in your home! Some women think it’s not a great idea to keep something like that in their home, but rest assured it actually looks great. You can have a wall-mounted shelf because it won’t take up much space and let you organize your favorite nail polishes. Such shelves are easy to assemble, and why not pretend as if you have a mini nail salon in your home!

To add more into your nail polish collection, stop by at My Glamm, an online store that sells the best nail paint in India at affordable prices! You can invest in gel nail polish, sets, packs, and more options. Find an extensive range of bright, bold colors, and you can even use them to create some cool nail art looks!

2.    A Thread Organizer

You can also consider using a thread organizer for your collection of nail polishes. You can find plastic cased thread organizers at any store in your area and use them as a storage for your nail polishes. These come with a cover, so the best part is you can keep a nail polish in each square section and close the cover, keeping them secure.

3.    Do-It-Yourself Rack

Who doesn’t love a good DIY project! You can make a homemade rack, which would not even make a hole in your wallet. This way, you can even save more to invest in a nail paint set online. It will give you the chance to make more racks, depending on your stock. You can use some patterned jewelry boxes and use them as organizers, or fashion them into a stack and make a wall-mounted solution for your collection.

4.    A Spice Rack

Why not use kitchen accessories as a nail art shelf! You can also use a spice rack and transform it into a nail polish rack. Nail it to the wall, and you can put your favorite nail polish brands. This makes it easier for you to store them and access them on the go!

There are so many other options available when it comes to organizing your favorite nail polishes. Try these and you will surely love how easy it becomes to access any color of your choice!

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