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4 Key Places to Visit in Puri

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India is a land of diversity and you can evidently see that in its terrain as well. You will get everything from lofty mountains to serene seas to extensive plains in the country. It is an experience that you can get by visiting the different parts of the country. Odisha is a state in India that is situated in the eastern part of India. The temple town of Puri is an important location because of its temple complex and its importance in the Hindu religion. Several people visit the temple on a daily basis especially during the holy ‘Rath Yatra’ which is celebrated in a huge way.

Places to see in Puri:

  • Sri Jagannath Temple:The main attraction of Puri is the Jagannath Temple as it is a place of historical and religious importance to India. It is dedicated to Lord Jagannath, Lord Balaram, and Goddess Subhadra. A huge meal is arranged for the Gods on a daily basis. The temple is considered one among the Char Dhams present in the country. As you enter the complex, you will feel that the ambiance is quite peaceful and you can sit there for hours. The main Hotels in Puri are actually present around this area, so it is quite convenient for the tourists.
  • Puri Beach: Puri is situated on the banks of the Bay of Bengal. You cannot visit Puri without actually taking a dip in the sea and seeing the sunrise at the sea beach. When you are in Puri, you should take a sea facing room as it looks exquisite in the morning and the sea breeze will actually set your mood. A key point about Puri beach is the sand sculptures that you will often see and they look really beautiful.
  • Chilika Lake: If you want to experience Asia’s largest saltwater lagoon in India, you will have to visit the Chilika Lake. It is about 44 Km from the main city and then you will need to hire a boat to take a tour of the lake. The guide will take you to different islands and even to the Dolphin point where you can spot some of them. You can actually experience a lot of wildlife and marine animals when you are at the spot. It is a spot that you will definitely remember throughout your life.
  • Baleshwar Beach: Apart from the Puri beach, this is another beach that you should visit when you are in Puri. It is calmer and has a lesser crowd when compared to the Puri beach. The beach also has a Shiv temple which is quite famous among its devotees. You will actually feel relaxed when you sit at the beach and enjoy the soothing feel of nature.

Puri is a place that one can visit over and over again. You will see that a lot of the tourists actually come from West Bengal due to its close proximity to the location. Puri has all the needed amenities and it is an amazing destination to shop for Odisha handloom and handicraft products.

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