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4 off Beat gift for “her” this Valentine

If you’re one of those romantics willing to defy the skeptics and invest in gift , then why not skip the roses and gift something meaningful to your loved one this Valentine’s Day. Keeping the overload of thoughts and feelings in check, as you finally have a multitude of gifting options at hand this Valentine, which can express all that you have been wanting to say to her. However, it’s not easy to decide the ‘what’ and ‘where’ of buying gifts here are some super amazing gifting ideas for your beloved.

Gift her liberty from cleaning:

This Valentine gift the independence of effortless cleaning to your beloved where she doesn’t have to bother about the mess anymore. iRobot’s Roomba i7+  is a high performance; Wi-Fi® connected a robotic device that seamlessly navigates throughout your house, including hard-to-reach, under-couch, and below-bed areas and helps you keep up with the everyday mess. Through Roomba i7+ comes the comfort in maintaining your ultramodern lifestyle and is an apt gift that can release the hurdles of cleaning with a click of the button!

Home delivery of a Salon:

What else could be a better gift for your partner than a salon appointment that too at home? Urban Company offers ‘Salon ki Home Delivery’. One can relax and sit back in their own comfort away from hustle-bustle life and relish a rejuvenating and peaceful salon/spa services at their doorstep. Let her unwind herself while you pamper her with hassle-free treatment this valentine.

Swoon her with a romantic dinner

Escape the humdrum for a night and whisk her away at The Den India’s first millennial luxury hotel for this Valentine’s Day. Indulge in Lip-smacking food, unlimited sparkling wine, and cocktails.  Enjoy the unrivalled view and magnificent performance by the band ‘Chronic Blue’ and get ready to sip, dine and dance the night away.

Let her select her own indulgence:

Who says buying expensive makeup products, rejuvenating with an unplanned shopping spree, and dining out every Friday is bad? Well, if you are confused for her whose tastes confuse the living daylights out of you, then you can choose to give her a gift voucher from Nykaa which will allow her to redeem the voucher for whatever product she likes from her favorite brands.

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