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4 Plus Size Lingerie You Must Have In Your Bag for a Romantic Gateway

Now, when the new normal world is getting back on its axis, people are again traveling. If not an international trip, you can easily plan a romantic gateway with your partner for a weekend or so. Now, if you are on the plus size of the scale and planning your gateway, you probably think too hard for yourself as you pack your lingerie. Well, there is no need for this anymore. Designers all over the world are thinking of you right now and they are making the most amazing lingerie that will fit your curvy frame beautifully.

Lingerie for Plus Size Women

Those days are long gone when you used to stare at the sultry-looking lingerie at the store window and think how you will get the body so that you can fit in those pieces. Now designers from all over the world are designing lingerie that are for plus size women. These are made keeping the different types of body shapes in mind. And that is why when you are packing your bag, look for lingerie for plus size women in stores like GVSX LLC. And when you are going on a romantic trip, you need to pack some sexy pieces with you to surprise your partner during the trip. So, what pieces do you need to pick up? Take a look at the following point to get inspired.

Lace Body Suit

When you are planning to spend some leisurely hour by the pool or on the beach sunbathing, you surely want to look dainty. For that, you need to have this lace bodysuit. Perfectly designed for lounging, this comes in lace material with crisscross details on the sides and bust. When you put it on and ask your partner to rub some sunscreen lotion on you, he will have a hard time controlling his desires. (pun intended). You can find this or something similar at any store of sexy lingerie for plus size women.

Chemise and G String Set

When the night gathers, don’t you want to entice your partner by donning something sensuous and sultry? After dinner, once you come back to your hotel room, slip inside the bathroom and change in this sexy number. The chemise is made of mesh with lace details on the bust and comes with a G string that will leave very little to the imagination. When you are wearing this and coming out of the bathroom, you might find him opening a bottle of champagne and placing strawberries. Enjoy how he will gape at you while you drink bottom up from the champagne flute. Tease him a bit before you reveal all your secrets. And for these nights, having this breathtaking lingerie set will be perfect.


If you are not so sure about the curves around your waist, no problem. You can get your hands on babydoll dress lingerie. This is a perfect option that will make you look feminine and stunning. The babydoll you pick should have the plunging neckline that will put your cleavage on display. And the voluminous part will cover your abdomen with frills while making you look more sweet and sensuous.

Garter Dress

If you are curvy and blessed with long legs, then you need to get this one for yourself. Made of lace and designed with garters, this is a perfect way to get your partner excited. Plan a striptease and see how your partner melts right before your eyes! As this one comes in black, it will make you look sensuous like anything. You can accessorize too if you want to add some zing with this one.

So, now as you know about these pieces, pick them up today. And surprise your partner during your romantic gateway which he will never forget.

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