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4 Smallest Cities in the World: Both by Area and Population

There are many cities in the world where we might have landed in our dreams. Or maybe it is our dream to visit those beautiful places once in our lifetime. But have we paid attention to the smallest cities in the world? We always think large cities are the best and almost forget about smaller ones. It is true that the smallest cities give you privacy as well as much needed calmness from your busy schedule. So today, we will be talking about some of the smallest cities in the world, in context with population as well as area.

  1. Hum, Croatia

With just 30 people residing in the city (as per the census conducted in the year 2011), Hum stands as the smallest city in the world. It has also recorded itself in the Guinness book of world records as the smallest town in terms of population. It has many amazing sites around the place and will leave you awestruck in your first look, it is also home to one of the churches from the 19th century as well as a quaint village named Kotli, mostly renowned for its waterfalls.

  1. Adamstown, Pitcairn islands

Spread across 4.6 sq. km, it has only about 50 people residing in it. Also, it is the national capital of the island and has distinct tourist attractions places such as the famous museum of Pitcairn islands as well as the bounty bay. The interesting fact about the city is that it has only one general store all around its vicinity, and that is, in fact, just opens thrice a week. It is interesting to note that the residents of this city are the descendants of the British crew that accidentally landed here in the year 1790. Surprising, isn’t it?

  1. Vatican City, Italy 

Located in the country Italy, Vatican City is spread across 0.17 sq. miles and is home to around 1000 people only. It is one of the most famous tourist destinations, apart from the rest of the cities mentioned in this list, mainly because of the world-famous arts in the city. Along with the arts, the city consists of nuns, priests, and also religious figures such as Pope and is home to many of the renowned churches of all time.

  1. David, Wales

The smallest city in Britain is home to around 1840 people and was discovered in the early of the 500s. There are several art galleries around the city. The city is built around the monastery founded by St. David.

So here we have brought before you the smallest cities in the world. The list, indeed, must have shaken us all. This will improve your knowledge and also you can add to your bucket list to visit someday. These cities are extremely small yet people live there a more peaceful and calming life than most of us. Indeed, they have the required space and enough daily activities to sustain there.

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