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4 teachers suspended following NEET dress code harassment

After carrying out a thorough investigation, the management of TISK School in Kannur has found that the 4 teachers were guilty of asking a student to remove her bra, as part of the anti-cheating dress code. Based on the investigation, the school’s management has suspended the 4 teachers for a month. It may be recalled that the incident had attracted widespread criticism. The elaborate frisking of students prior to the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET) medical exam was unlike any other time, as certain students were asked to unzip jeans, unbutton tops and some even asked to cut their sleeves. The 4 teachers who have been suspended are Sheena, Shafeena, Bindhu and Shaheena.

It was a harrowing experience for the student who was asked to remove her bra in front of everyone, with her clothes on. “It was the most painful experience. I went in black Patiala pants (and) reached by 8:30 am. They said it’s not allowed, so I ran back to buy new set of pants. Then I reached by 9:20 am. With just ten minutes to go for the exam they said the bra strap has metal. I was not allowed to go to toilet to remove. Before everyone with my clothes on, I had to remove the bra. I was so tensed. I had dedicated three years for this exam. I sacrificed visit home and vacation and in the last minute I was put through this. I gave the bra to my mom and ran for exam,” said the student.

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