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4 variants of back pain one should never ignore

lower back pain

Back pain is as common as affecting at least one person in every eight out there. Mostly the pain caused in the lower back gets cured within a few days of time. It can surely keep you a little grounded but always can be relieved with consumption of a painkiller. However, there 4 types of back pain listed here which you shouldn’t ignore at any cost.

  1. Back pain accompanied by fever: Generally, back pain with a fever is a very rare case noticed in a very few people. However, this is one of the signs showing an infection that might be affecting your spinal cord or your brain. You should in no circumstance ignore the continuous back pain which is accompanied by high fever as it raises suspicions about an epidural abscess.
  2. Pain in the upper back near the neck-region: If the area near the neck of your upper back hurts it is less likely to be back pain. The pain is probably an outcome of something serious with your spinal cord and not just any other back pain. If you notice signs of unsteady walking with a disrupted posture, unsteadiness including weakness and tingling sensation in the hands. You need to immediately consult with a physician as the spinal cord might be sending out serious warning signs.
  3. Back pain associated with lost bladder control: When your back pain is associated with uncontrolled bowel movements or the regulation of urination, it is high time you visited the ER. This signs of back pain are indicating towards a herniation of a lesion in the spinal cord. In this situation the nerves associated with the spinal cord are being compressed to a very extent as to affect the regulation of the bladder and the bowel. This situation is more likely to cause partial paralysis. Therefore, it is suggested to visit your doctor as soon as possible and get yourself examined.
  4. Back pain that is followed with an ache in the leg: A pain that radiates from the butt throughout the leg causing a tingling sensation cannot be a very good sign. Mainly this kind of pain is caused due to a growth of a projection in between the edges of the bone. The tingling sensation can also be an outcome of narrowing of the spinal canal occurring slowly and steadily. This is when you should visit a physician without just ignoring the back pain.

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