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4 ways how social media video can benefit your B2B business

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The great Kim Walsh, a former head of Enterprise Sales for HubSpot in Cambridge and largely known as the Global VP, Go-To-Market Partnerships quotes, ‘The modern marketer is an experimenter, a lover of data, a content creator, a justifier of ROI.’ This statement highlights the key message of the article that good marketing skills lie in using social media to create content. We see so many types of social media videos today from video animation production to behind the scene videos ( BTS), all appealing to the eye. B2B companies failing to realize the business-building potential of social media videos are doing so at their own risk. Be it B2C or B2B, every marketing strategy needs to be innovative.

Today’s innovation is more about technology. Gone are the days when the best B2B content strategies were about creating webinars, white papers, eBooks, and blog posts. This is the modern era, the era of social media and if you want your digital marketing to continue to flourish, you need to get hold of your content strategy. A good way to accomplish this is not only mastering the art of creating content for your website but also developing content that propels people directly on your social networks. Visual content is best suited for this kind of marketing. Based on a survey by LinkedIn, 62% of B2Bs said that video content helps in building higher brand awareness.

By now the importance of incorporating social media videos in your marketing strategies is crystal clear so let’s have a detailed look at how social media video can benefit firms!

4  Ways How Social Media Video Can Benefit Your B2Bs:

#1 Screenrecord Product Tutorials

A great way to create video content is to make tutorials or explainer videos where you simply record your screen while describing whatever actions are being performed. All that needs to be done is identifying the problems the audience is facing and the solutions they are looking for. Then, solve their issues by providing them with the solutions through screencasting and a quick explanation.

The best example here is of Picmonkey which shares amazing screen recordings on their YouTube channel as well on their Instagram page. Several video tutorials are present showing ways to edit images in a better manner because that’s what its audience wants. Another point to be noted here is that the tutorials not only verbally narrate what the person has to do, but are a step-by-step guide on how to do it on that particular website. This content is immensely vital to the website’s audience and helps establish brand awareness simultaneously. Once your video is complete and ready to roll, the last ingredient is to publish it on your social media channels and promote it.

#2 Shorten Live Webinars Into Clips

One of the most known B2B marketing strategies is hosting a webinar due to its ability to produce leads and transform the registrants into customers. This is why firms are always striving to share some of their amazing content through webinars. However, because webinars are a live event they’re temporary and so are likely to be forgotten. Sharing the recordings can be a solution only if they are promoted well enough, but they won’t be as impactful as the webinar. This is where the social media video comes into the picture. What you can do is shorten the webinar recordings by trimming them and publishing them on your social media pages. Sharing the content this way will both attract your audience and show them the stuff they’re missing out on by not joining. Moreover, a link can be included to your next webinar or its recording in your video descriptions to encourage drive signups.

#3 Interview Content Experts

When it comes to B2B, conducting video interviews is just another content that caters to the B2B requirements quite well. Interviews take place online or in-person with a subject matter expert and questions the audience considers useful are asked from them. These interviews are incredible for growing your social media pages as the interviewee will not only offer beneficial insights but also help advertise the videos. Because they’ll post the content on their own social media pages so their viewers shall be directed to your videos and pages, majorly improving your engagement levels. So, for all the B2B marketers planning to create their video interview, identification of the key topic that appeals to your audience is a must and the very first step. Then, invite the experts and interview them. Ask relevant questions and get them to spill beans on their best tips and tricks. This is how you can avail the incredible benefits a social media video has to offer.

#4 Share short videos

Another way social media videos can be used to benefit your B2B company is by creating short educational videos. These video clips are short, crisp, articulate, to the point, and are usually less than a minute. Such clips are normally used to convey simple hacks, tips or tricks, and facts. They’re well suited for platforms like Instagram which do not welcome long videos. Because these videos are short, they tend to get a good amount of engagement on them as people tend to ignore preachy, detailed videos. However, one thing to keep in mind is that it’s not obligatory to focus only on sharing educational content. Sometimes too much education can bore the audience, thus try showing your less serious side and post content that’s entertaining or casual. One that your audience enjoys. This can significantly increase your engagement levels.


Social media videos are of different forms and types, but one thing is common: they all greatly benefit your B2Bs. For beginners, it is recommended they start with the easy ones like creating tutorials and then gradually shift to conducting interviews or webinars. For the established ones, improve your marketing strategies by incorporating social media videos and watch your firm soar to greater heights!

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