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400 whales wash ashore at remote beach in New Zealand; 300 die

In a development that has stirred a worldwide debate, around 400 pilot whales were found washed ashore at a remote beach in New Zealand. Rescue efforts were initiated as soon as the news about the whales came in, but it did not help much, as around 300 whales had already died by the time the rescuers reached the spot. The pilot whales were found washed ashore at Farewell Spit at the tip of the South Island. Experts said the area has often confused whales, which is why other similar incidents have happened in the area earlier also.

Many volunteers reached the spot to help the whales get back into the water, but most of them had died by the time this could be done. The volunteers had to wait for the high tide, which resulted in the death of whales. Wet blankets and buckets of water were used to keep the whales hydrated, as the volunteers waited for the high tide. The volunteers also created a human chain in an effort to stop the whales from washing ashore again.

Different theories have come up to explain this recent phenomenon, with some saying that it can be a result of the earth’s changing magnetic poles. Others said that it can happen as whales may have been chasing their prey. There are also theories that the whales may have been trying to protect a sick member of the group. Some experts have described Farewell Spit as a whale trap as its protruding coastline and gently sloping beaches makes it difficult for whales to navigate when they come too close to the shore.

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