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5 Amazing Things Oil Can Do For Your Hair


When it comes to fighting with everyday hair related problems one of the useful habits that you can incorporate is hair oil treatment. Due to our fast and stressful life, irregular diet, hypertension, pollution, we run into a lot of health issues and skin and hair related issues are also among them. Use of proper hair oil not only fights with this problem also can prevent them from coming back.  End of the day head massage with some aromatic oil would also give you a cooling effect and release stress for a better night sleep.

Important Tips for a Proper Hair Oil Treatment

Before you get all excited about this hair oil treatment and start putting any oil thinking that will be beneficial, you should consider these facts.  Always use natural hair oil free from any chemicals.

Type of hair oil to choose and avoid: You should always choose cold press natural oil rather than refined oil.  As cold press oil is extracted by grinding process they are always more pure and free from harmful chemicals.  In the case of refined oil, chemicals are used to generate heat and extract the oil. That is why refined oil always contains a high amount of chemicals. So using refined oil will do more harm than any good.

Mix and match of hair oil: We can generalize hair oil broadly into two categories. First one will be carrier oil like coconut oil, almond oil, argan oil, castor oil, olive oil, etc. Then there are essential oils which are extracted from some of the other herbs or flowers, which are highly concentrated and high on therapeutic values. Lavender oil, neem oil, lemongrass oil, rosemary oil are some of them.

Carrier oil or essential oil they all have their different medicinal and therapeutic value. So depending on the nature of the problem you should combine two or three different type of oil to get the maximum result out of your hair oil treatment.

Cleanliness:  before applying hair oil you should always ensure that you are using that on a clean hair and scalp. Adding hair oil without shampooing might lead to more problems than doing any good as the oil might bond with the dirt and pollution on the scalp. So the oil will not be able to penetrate deep into the scalp rather it will clog the skin pores causing infection.

Benefits of Using Hair Oil.

Hair conditioning:  Applying a light hair oil after hair wash will ensure that it will lock the moisture in hair and maintain pH balance for hair and scalp.

Provide nourishment: As hair oils are filled with Vitamin E, fatty acid, protein, and other nutrients it is almost like food for hair.   Oil massages in a regular interval ensure that new hair follicles are always getting that extra nutrient to grow faster and stronger.

Treatment for infections: Oils like argan oil, almond oil, lemongrass oil are rich with antibacterial antifungal properties.  If you have dandruff or minor skin irritation and infection using this oil will not only prevent this problem but also will ensure that they don’t arise in future.

Stimulate hair growth:  Hair oil massage can ensure the supply of nutrients to the hair roots and hair follicles to ensure optimum growth.  It also enhances the blood circulation on the scalp and hair roots which simulate the hair growth.

Hair fall prevention: By providing necessary nutrients to the hair and fighting with most of the hair fall causing reasons like dandruff scalp infection hair oil treatment reduce the hair fall significantly. Using hair oil makes the hair soft and silky and frizz free so less hair breakage while brushing the hair.

Hence, these are the various benefits that will provide a manageable and great quality hair. Not only the quality, but massaging also reduces stress and chances of a headache.

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